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  1. maltreat
    maltraer (to maltreat is to bring bad)
  2. tempt
    tentar (ho's tempted inside tent at the golf course)
  3. pretend (as in deception) [2]
    fingir (pretend to fingir kate upton); pretender
  4. banking
    banca (retail banking is now the occupation of women)
  5. whatever
    cualquier (which ever)
  6. approach (as in to near)
  7. upper
    superior (lake superior is the upper great lake)
  8. top (mountain) [3]
    cumbre (cucumbers on top of mt); cima (noxe"zema" at top…); pico (peak)
  9. full, complete [3]
    lleno; completo; pleno (plenty)
  10. yield
    rendimiento (yield wine bar w/ reindeer walking). Note: rendir= to yield
  11. measurement [2]
    medida; medicion (measurement of "med"s)
  12. rocket [2]
    rocketa; cohete (rocket shaped like "coh"iba w/ "yetti" on board)
  13. occasionally [2]
    ocasionalmente; de vez en cuando
  14. fuck around
    joder (fuck around with "jod"y foster)
  15. in advance
    por adelantado (for advance)
  16. to sin
    pecar (woody wood"pecar" is the symbol of sin)
  17. to become aware of; to feel sorry
  18. to account for
    rendir cuentas de (account for "reindeer" accounts)
  19. cliff
    acantilado (sing on cliff overlooking lake)
  20. perform; execute [2]
    realizar; ejecutar
  21. uncover
    destapar (away from tapa covers)
  22. to be left (!=quedar)
    restar (you are the "resta" if you are left)
  23. settled, positioned, placed
    colocado (~colocation)
  24. that (close)
    ese (that "eso" gas station)
  25. complement [2]
    complementar; suplementar (complement "supp"er w/ after dinner "mint")
  26. hairdresser
    peluquero (hair wanter)
  27. high school [2]
    escuela secondaria; liceo ("lice" outbreak in high school)
  28. narrow [2]
    estrecho; angosto
  29. raise (as is raise up children)
    criar (raising kids involves much "cry"ing)
  30. lie down [2]
    acostarse; echarse
  31. instill
  32. allocate [3]
    repart (allocate by rebreaking into parts); asignar; distribuir
  33. decline, relapse, revert [3]
    recaer (re-fall); declinar; disminuir
  34. inconsiderate
    desconsiderado ("des"I was inconsiderate)
  35. arouse (energize)
    despertar (awaken)
  36. felony (crime)
    delito mayor (dom "del"oise committed crime on judge ito)
  37. blocked [3]
    congestiionado, tapado, obstruido
  38. stressful [2]
    tenso; lleno de tensions
  39. twelth [2]
    duodecimo; doceavo (12 "avo"cados)
  40. to be able to
    ser capaz
  41. obnoxious
  42. damage, impair, disadvantage [2]
    danar; perjudicar
  43. catch site of [2]
    avistar brevemente; llegar a ver a (arrive to see)
  44. to marvel [2]
    maravillar; asombrar
  45. to comfort [4]
    aliviar; aplacar (placate); apaciguar (pacify w/ guaro; consolar
  46. expanding
  47. to lock
    cerrar con llave
  48. procedure
  49. to peak, to top
    alcanzar el maximo
  50. collapse, faint, lose consciousness
    desmayarse (desi made maya's collapse); desplomar (from physical activity; derrumbar (structure)
  51. perceive, observe, remark [2]
    percibir; notar
  52. basin [3]
    lavabo (was bow); palangana (basin at palanque); cubeta (wash cube in basin)
  53. hurry [2]
    apurrar; apresurarse
  54. cartoon (newspaper) [2]
    dibujos animados; una tira humoristica (cartoon about funny tire)
  55. spank
    dar nalgadas (spank with nagahide covered paddle)
  56. moderate, calm [3]
    moderar; calmar; aplacar (placate with plaque in their honor)
  57. hall, corridor [3]
    pasillo, vestibulo, corredor
  58. mystify, perplex
    dejar perplejo (leave jenny harr behind perplexed)
  59. reside
    residir; vivir
  60. cast-off, discard [4]
    tirar; echar; descartar; desechar (desi discarding etch-a-sketch)
  61. quick-tempered [2]
    de genio vivo; irascible
  62. to settle (new land) [2]
    poblar (populate); colonizar
  63. prevail [2]
    prevalecer; prevelar
  64. ranch (!=rancho)
    hacienda, estancia
  65. fraud
  66. outdoor
    al aire libre
  67. filter
    filtrar (ter=trar)
  68. wipe
  69. virtually (virtualmente not word)
  70. cheer
    animar; alentar
  71. minority (minoridad is not a word)
    Minoria ("rhea" perlman is in the minority)
  72. brag, boast [3]
    jactarse; fanforronear; alardear (Jacking, farah, larde ass)
  73. territory
  74. reservacions [2]
    reservacion; reserva
  75. fabric [2]
    tela; tejido
  76. grip
    empunadura (in fist hard)
  77. behavioral
  78. belly
    vientre (20 rays on your belly when swimming)
  79. timing
  80. publicly
    en publico
  81. resemble
    parecerse (no "a" in look like)
  82. handful
    punado (handful of poon and dough)
  83. assignment
    asignacion (asignar)
  84. abroad
    en el extranjero (abroad in the strang arrow)
  85. diagnosis
  86. walking
    a pie (a foot)
  87. landing
    aterrizaje (land on an aji tuna)
  88. bounce
    rebotar (bounce is like given ball a motion reboot)
  89. strain (as in cooking)
    colar (like colander)
  90. rush
    prisa. Note: apresurar means to rush, pressure
  91. tend
    tender. Note: also means to offer, like tender shares
  92. reflect [2]
    reflejar; reflexionar
  93. plate [2]
    plato (dish); placa
  94. anxiety
    ansiedad ("ansy" "dad")
  95. advantage
    Ventaja. Note: vantage = ventaja
  96. picture [2]
    imagen; cuadro (art)
  97. collect [2]
    recoger; coleccionar
  98. iron (metal)
    hierro (iron man is a "hero")
  99. wisdom
    sabiduria (wisdomm is hard for women to acquire)
  100. crop
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