Reproductive System

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  1. Sperm production is called.....?
  2. Sperm production is regulated by which hormone?
    Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  3. Spermatozoa are produced in the____________?
    Seminiferous tubules
  4. Where do spermatozoa mature and are stored?
    Convoluted Epididymis
  5. Name the two glands that produce seminal fluid.
    • Seminal vesicle
    • Prostrate gland
  6. What does the seminal vesicle secrete?
    Alkaline seminal fluid (makes up 60% of semen) & contains nutrients (e.g. fructose) for the sperm
  7. What do the prostate glands secrete?
    • A thin milky, acidic fluid (makes up 30% of semen)
    • Also contains:
    • Citric acid
    • Proteolytic enzymes eg. prostate specific antigen, pepsinogen, lysozyme & amylase
  8. What is the function of the bulbourethral glands (coppers glands)?
    They secrete an alkaline, mucous fluid that neutralises urinary acids in the urethra and lubricates the end of the penis.
  9. Spermatozoa expelled from the__________ through the___  ______ in to the_________ and continue through the____ _______ into the____________
    • Epididymis
    • Vas deferens
    • Spermatic cord
    • Vas deferens
    • Ejaculatory ducts

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  10. What hormones are involved in the Menstrual Phase of the menstrual cycle and what is their role? (question 5)
    Follicles are developing under the influence of FSH
  11. What hormones are involved in the Pre-ovulatory Phase of the menstrual cycle and what is their role? (question 5)
    Follicle starts to mature and secretes Oestrogen.

    Follicles also secrete inhibin which decreases the secretion of FSH. This stops other follicles developing.
  12. What hormones are involved in the Ovulation Phase of the menstrual cycle and what is their role? (question 5)
    High Oestrogen levels create -ve feedback loop which stimulates LH secretion.

    LH causes rupture of the mature follicle and expulsion of the egg
  13. What hormones are involved in the Post Ovulatory Phase of the menstrual cycle and what is their role? (question 5)
    The corpus luteum forms from the follicle wall post ovulation & produces progesterone & some oestrogen.

    Progesterone & oestrogen maintain the uterus lining in preparation for pregnancy
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