The Big Sky

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  1. A.B. Guthrie born as
    • •A.B. Guthrie was born as Alfred Bertram: born Jan. 13, 1901, Bedford, Ind.,
    • U.S.—died April 26, 1991, Choteau, Mont.
  2. What did the author call himself?
    • •The author called himself "Bud" because he felt that Alfred Bertram was
    • "a sissy name.”
  3. Where did Guthrie live?
    • •Guthrie lived in Montana but traveled to California and New York for an number of jobs, he worked
    • for 20 years for the Lexington Leader newspaper in Kentucky
  4. Award winning?
    • •He was an award winning writer who wrote about the wild west, his book “The Way
    • West” (1949) won a Pulitzer Prize
  5. Film industry
    • •Guthrie also worked in the film business where he was a screen writer for the movie
    • Shane (1953) which is a classic western film
  6. Book Plot
    • 1.Boone Caudill is the main character that lives in Kentucky with his family.  He has an
    • abusive father and one night fights back. 
    • This leads him to running away and setting out like his Uncle who was a
    • Mountain man that he idolized.

    2.Boone meets up with a the traveler, Jim Deakins, that decides he also wants something more from life and joins him.

    • 3.The boys sign up on The Mandan, which is
    • a French keelboat that is headed up the Missouri River to trade.

    • 4.Their role model is Dick Summers who is
    • the boat’s hunter and guide.

    • 5.On the boat is an Indian Princess called
    • Teal Eye.  The captain of the boat hopes
    • to return the princess to the Blackfoot Indian tribe in hopes of bettering
    • relationships and increasing trade.

    • 6.Ultimately, the three men are the only
    • survivors of the boat and Teal Eye disappears. 
    • The book details the hardships of a life as a trapper.  Dick Summers tires of this lifestyle and goes
    • back home.

    • 7.Boone is able to find Teal Eye and marry
    • her.  She eventually bears him a child,
    • but the boy is blind.  Ironically, the
    • child also has red hair like his best friend Jim.

    • 8.Boone suspects Teal Eye and Jim of adultery and kills his best friend.  He is so
    • distraught that he heads home back East.

    • 9.Once home Boone learns that many of his
    • extended family have red hair.  This
    • realization and the reality of be confined back home lead him to run away
    • again.

    • 10.Boone flees to his friend Dick Summers,
    • where he confesses the murder of his friend and laments the loss of the true
    • West. 

    • 11.This book ends with Boone Caudill leaving
    • Summers house.
  7. How the book parallels Guthrie's life
    • 1.Guthrie grew up on the eastern front of
    • the Rocky Mountains in the small town of Choteau, Mont., at a time when the
    • ways of the Old West were changing to a modern way of life. Choteau is
    • undeniably a pattern for communities that appear throughout Guthrie's books.
    • For this very reason, Guthrie was not always popular in his hometown.

    • 2. Guthrie’s depicted the lives of
    • Americans settling the Far West along the upper Missouri and Columbia rivers.
    • He treated his subject not in the manner of heroic myth but rather with respect
    • for the real human, familial, and political trials of people trying to colonize
    • the Western mountains and valleys.
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