BIO1011 exam 3

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  1. Pistils and stamens are
    modified sporophylls.
  2. The following statements are all consistent with the hypothesis that chloroplasts and mitochondria originated as prokaryotic
    endosymbionts except that they
    can be cultured on agar since they make all their own proteins.
  3. Which of the following is not consistent with distinguishing an animal from other life forms?
    multicellular, autotrophic, eukaryote
  4. In regard to mitosis, chromatids are _____.
    identical copies of each other if they are part of the same chromosome
  5. Which one of the following does NOT occur during, or because of, mitosis?
    Chromosomes replicate.
  6. In chordates, the longitudinal, flexible structure located between the digestive tube and nerve cord is called the
  7. Paramecium is a freshwater organism that uses its __________ ________ to maintain internal osmotic conditions.
    contractile vacuoles
  8. In terms of ploidy level, which one of the following structures is NOT consistent with the others?
  9. In chemiosmotic phosphorylation, what is the most direct source of energy that is used to convert ADP + Pi to ATP?
    energy released from movement of protons through ATP synthase
  10. Some 530-million-year-old Chinese fossils resemble lancelets but have a more elaborate brain and a brain case (cranium).
    These fossils may represent
    an early vertebrate.
  11. Which group of stramenophiles lacks chloroplasts?
    Water moulds
  12. Within the female gametophyte, three mitotic divisions
    of the megaspore produce
    three antipodal cells, two polar nuclei, one egg, and two synergids.
  13. Humans can acquire trichinosis by
    eating undercooked pork.
  14. A sheet of muscle called the diaphragm, found in modern birds and mammals,
    helps ventilate the lungs.
  15. All of the following statements about communities are
    • The trophic structure of a community describes abiotic factors such as rainfall and
    • temperature affecting members of the community.
  16. The structure of each chromosome is a mixture of DNA and
    protein. This DNA-protein complex is known as:
  17. Which class of the phylum Cnidaria occurs only as a polyp?
  18. Which of the following members of a marine food chain is most analogous to a grasshopper in a terrestrial food chain?
  19. Which one of the following statements about nematodes is NOT true?
    Nematodes do not infect humans.
  20. Which of these statements is a noted
    similarity between sharks and fishes?
    They have a lateral line that is sensitive to changes in water pressure.
  21. All of the following are directly associated with
    photosystem Ii except
  22. Roan color in cattle is the result of incomplete dominance between red and white color genes (Rr). How would one produce a herd of pure-breeding
    roan-colored cattle?
    It cannot be done.
  23. Which of the following algal groups is mismatched with its description?
    Dinoflagellates-glassy, two-part shells
  24. A land plant that produces flagellated sperm and has a diploid-dominant generation is most likely a
  25. Which of the following is a representation of gene density?
    Humans have ~20,500 genes in 3,200 Mb
  26. How many different combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes can be packaged in gametes made by an organism with a diploid
    number of 8 (2n = 8)?
  27. Annelids are abundant and successful organisms
    characterized accurately by all of the following except
    a cuticle made of chitin.
  28. Dehydration synthesis (or condensation synthesis) is the
    process in which ___________.
    water molecules are formed in the formation of polymers from monomers
  29. A 1:2:1 phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation of a monohybrid cross is
    a sign of
    incomplete dominance.
  30. The freeze-fracture method is an especially good technique to view ____________.
    the internal structure of membranes
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