Ed 200 Midterm

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  1. Man is condemened to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.
  2. All that is true, by whomsoever it has been said has its origin in the Spirit.
  3. The function of a child is to live his/her own life, not the life that his/her anxious parents think he/she should live, nor a life according to the purpose of the educators who thinks they know best.
  4. Despite our enormous and costly educational establishment, this country has more functional illiterates than most other industrially advanced nations. We have more people who do not posses minimum knowledge of the elements of language, mathematics, history, and geography that are considered part of elementary education in advanced societies.
  5. Essentialists see progressivist education as being too what?
    Soft and watered-down
  6. Existentialists see individual choice as being what?
    Essential for the development of responsible human beings
  7. Essentialism emphasizes the important of learning what?
    The basic facts that will be useful both to the learner and to society.
  8. An existentialist would most likely attribute a graduate's inability to hold down a job requiring a basic knowledge of reading and mathematics to a failure of the school to what?
    Allow the student to experience the practical consequences of not being able to read and do arithmetic functions
  9. Essentialist philosophy is evident in which of the following?
    Current insistence on high stakes testing
  10. What is the most important element in an existentialist school?
    The student
  11. Essentialists favor which delivery methods for content?
  12. For existentialists, schools should exist, in part, to what?
    Help students find meaning and direction in their lives
  13. Existentialists view students as individuals who are what?
    Able to develop responsible behavior as they experience the consequences of their choices
  14. For an essentialist, the greatest obstacle to students' progress is what?
    Lack of rigor in their course work and their own lack of self-discipline in pursuing their studies
  15. What would an essentialist find least effective in evaluating student learning?
    Student-planned and determined presentation of what has been learned
  16. President Obama's  encouragement of a common core of educational standards is indicative of his support of what principles?
  17. Be that self which one truly is.
  18. What book would an existentialistic educator be most comfortable?
    The Living Free School
  19. What scripture would be most readily accepted by an existentialist?
    Wherefore men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man.
  20. An existentialist teacher would expose students to what?
    A wide variety of experiences from which they can freely choose.
  21. Something that is perennial has value...
    Throughout the years
  22. Different philosophies of education have emerged as a result of what?
    Differences of opinion among educators about the foundational principles of education.
  23. The Thomas's take a         approach to education while the secularists take an          approach.
    Religious, intellectual
  24. The Thomas's classify knowledge that comes as a result of        as the highest level of knowing.
  25. Secular perennialists emphasize           in order to search for eternal truths.
    Mental discipline
  26. For the secular perennialist, school exists to what?
    Teach unchanging truth
  27. Johann Comenius thought of children as being inherently what?
  28. Comenius viewed the purpose of education as a vehicle for...
    Reaching perfection
  29. Perennialists see          as the primary vehicle for conveying knowledge.
  30. For the perennialist, it is the responsibility of the student to what?
    Take notes, memorize, and engage in mental exercises devised to strengthen the mind.
  31. Curriculum is a term that means...
    The subject matter that children should be taught
  32. Comenius believed that children should be taught what?
    All branches of both secular and religious learning
  33. Perennialists feel that             should form the basis of the curriculum.
    Traditional subjects
  34. Perrenialists, as a rule, see a classroom as a place where         are evident.
    Order, precision, and time-on-task
  35. For perennialists, the best tools for assessing students' progress are...
    Essay and objective written exams
  36. Perennialists believe that teachers should maintain           from their students.
    A professional distance
  37. A twentieth-century advocate of perennials was...
    Robert Hutchins
  38. "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible" is what kind of view?
  39. What is an indicator of a teacher's personal teaching philosophy?
    Teaching methods employed in the classroom
  40. Education, therefore, a process of living and not a preparation for future living is what kind of thinking?
  41. [The first stage of teaching] must deal with the problem of the oppressed consciousness, the problem of men and women who oppress and men and women who suffer oppression is what kind of thinking?
    Social Reconstructionism
  42. Learning is something students do, NOT something done to students is what kind of thinking?
  43. Progressivists view perennials' educators as being what?
    Authoritarian and didactic
  44. In progressivist philosophy the emphasis is on...
    The child
  45. Progressivists contend that children learn best when...
    They are directed to what is necessary for their happiness and usefulness
  46. For progressivists, it is critical that the teacher...
    Gets to know the student on an individual and personal basis
  47. What isn't a progressivist assertion?
    A perfect future is a real possibility for all of us if students learn how to direct positive change in the world
  48. For a progressivist, the purpose of schooling is to...
    Create students who will be lifelong learners who are able to change with their surroundings
  49. Progressivists see students as people who...
    Have a natural desire to discover and learn
  50. Progressivists see critical curriculum as being...
    Developed from the student's needs, interests and initiatives
  51. A progressivist teaching approach can be recognized by its...
    Emphasis on hands-on learning through projects, cooperative, learning and problem-solving activities
  52. A progressivist classroom is managed by what?
    A democratic process
  53. A progressivist teacher would be most likely to assess student learning by...
    Evaluating performance as students are working, student self-assessment, and peer evaluations
  54. The progressivist teacher sees herself/himself as a...
    Friendly guide and fellow learner
  55. Social deconstructionists see progressivists as...
    Failing to go far enough to help students to develop and implement long-range, convincing plans to improve society
  56. According to social reconstructionists, the students' greatest need is to...
    Know all of the facts about the society in which they live, no matter how upsetting or disturbing they may be
  57. For a social reconstructionist, the purpose of schooling is to...
    Teach students no to settle for what is, but to strive for what ought to be
  58. Social reconstructionists see students as...
    People who can be empowered to change the world
  59. Social reconstructionists see critical curriculum as being...
    Developed by current situations and problems
  60. A social deconstructionist teaching approach can be recognized by its...
    Emphasis on real and current problems to be solved
  61. A social reconstuctionist teacher would be most likely to assess student learning by...
    Students' performance on real-world tasks
  62. The social reconstructionist teacher sees herself/himself as a...
    Visionary who opens the students' eyes to the needs of local or global society
  63. Give me a child and I'll shape him into anything.
  64. The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions.
  65. The consequences of an act affect the probability of it occurring again.
  66. Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.
  67. We will be able to achieve a just and prosperous society only when our schools ensure that everyone commands enough shared background knowledge to be able to communicate effectively with everyone else.
  68. What thinking is this-a new and better society of brotherhood and justice can be shaped by careful conditioning.
  69. Post-modernists believe that the student has the responsibility to...
    Construct his/her own understanding of the world
  70. Post-modernists want students to become...
    Risk -takers who realize that what is right for one may not be universally right for everyone
  71. Behaviorists see students as individuals who can..
    Change with the proper stimulation
  72. Behaviorist teachers are more concerned with       than they are with subject matter.
    Teaching materials, methods, and consequences
  73. What kind of teacher would help students to create personal connections with what they are studying through problem-solving, discussion, sharing personal points of view, and studying cases that include multiple views of the same situation?
  74. We could recognize a post-modernist classroom by its emphasis on...
    Kind respect for diverse thinking and opinions
  75. A behaviorist would most likely assess student learning...
    Detailed learning
  76. Who controls behavior through the application of reinforcement and punishment?
    A behaviorist teacher
  77. What book would most likely be written by a behaviorist?
    Learning and Behavior
  78. What book would most likely be written by a post-modernist?
    The Nature of Personal Reality
  79. For the behaviorist, schools should be dedicated to...
    Molding young people into desirable members of society
  80. There has been a fight at school. Billy and Jeffy each insists that the other started it. The constructivist teacher would be most likely to...
    Require that both boys look at the conflict from their enemy's point of view
  81. In her English class, Jenny is required to assess the thee of a short story by relating the action and the characters to her own experience and stating the theme as an insight into human nature or society. From which of the following schools of thought does her teacher probably come?
  82. A teacher is completely committed to computer administered instruction because the machine breaks each concept down into small pieces and then rewards the student for acquiring each piece. This teacher is probably a...
  83. What is a logical reason to enter the teaching profession in the public schools?
    A love for helping all children learn
  84. Most beginning teachers base their teaching style on...
    What they have experienced from their own teachers when they were students
  85. According to Eric Hanusek the students of a poor teacher will learn...
    About a third as much as those of a good teacher
  86. The Gold Standard Study performed by Harvard and Columbia Universities indicated that, even for students coming from impoverished circumstances, a strong teacher contributes many long term benefits to his or her students. What isn't a benefit that students gain from having an effective teacher?
    They are likely to live in the same circumstances in which they were reared
  87. What are Chambers' attributes of a great teacher?
    Empathy, energy, holder of high expectations
  88. These characteristics of both teachers and learners: preparation, pondering and proving content, and teaching others, are consistent with what?
    The Learning Model of BYUI
  89. What is the symbolism of the oak tree that represents the department of Teacher Education at this university?
    That our students will one day exert influence for good on students the world over
  90. Does this teacher follow the ID code of ethics? "Ms. Smith title her rules bulletin board 'Choose the Right' and decorates the board with the CTR logo?
  91. Does this teacher follow the ID code of ethics? "Mr. Evensong stops in a rainstorm and gives one of his students a ride home.
  92. Does this teacher follow the ID code of ethics? Ms. Jones finds that she has forgotten to bring lunch money to school today, so she takes some money from the book order funds for and repays it the next day.
  93. Does this teacher follow the ID code of ethics?
    Mr. Torres teaches the recommended curriculum, but he gives his teaching his personal touch to increase student interest.
  94. Does this teacher follow the ID code of ethics? Ms. Chao identifies Emily Lee by name and discusses the problems she is causing in class with her family and friends.
  95. When making decisions about issues that may have more than one correct course of action, teachers should, in ever case...
    Consider the entire situation and possible long term outcomes resulting from their decision
  96. The only way that really works for a teacher to improve his/her practice is to...
    Critically examine his or her own practice
  97. What aspects of professional knowledge is/are critical for teachers?
    • -Profound knowledge of the content being taught
    • -Sound knowledge of pedagogy
    • -Profound knowledge of the general characteristics of children of the age group being taught and of the individual students themselves
  98. The work of             gives a common language to talk about the art and science of teaching and an organized system for assessing and improving teacher performance.
    Charlotte Danielson
  99. What are the purposes of education in early colonial New England?
    • -To put religion into the students
    • -To create good citizens
    • -To give students economic self-sufficiency
  100. What colony felt it less important to teach a specific religion to all of its children?
  101. In what area of the colonies was it most important to promote the status quo?
    • -New England
    • -Mid-Atlantic colonies 
    • -The South
  102. Although religion was a basic part of all colonial education, in what area of the colonies was it considered most vital?
    New England
  103. A dame school in New England was somewhat analogous to a modern            .
  104. The basic skills girls were taught in New England were...
    Reading and household skills including counting
  105. The "old field schools" were most often found where?
    In the South
  106. What colonies were girls most likely to be educated?
    Pennsylvania and Delaware
  107. Discipline was usually maintained through        
    Corporal punishment
  108. In all of the colonies, what was an important vehicle for educating middle-class boys?
  109. In a typical school adhering to the principles of the enlightenment, children were viewed to be   
    Individuals who could be taught to reason and who could enjoy learning
  110. The major purpose of the Latin grammar school was....
    To prepare boys to enter the university
  111. In the early colonies, what was the preferred methods of instruction?
    Lecture, recitation, and repetition
  112. In colonial New England, the curriculum in town schools consisted mainly of...
    The four Rs-readin', writin', 'rithmetic,and relgion
  113. What British colonial areas viewed education to be a responsibility of the town or community in which a student lived?
    New England
  114. What religious group took the most responsibility for educating the poor and the minority groups in the Mid-Atlantic colonies?
  115. In all of the colonies the teacher was seen as what?
    A stern dispenser of knowledge
  116. Locke believed that the role of education was to produce...
    Sensory experiences that stimulate learning to fill the "black slate" of the mind
  117. Rousseau believed that education should be      -centered
  118. Franklin envisioned an academy in which       in addition to Latin, Greek, history and philosophy would be taught.
    Practical skills
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