Computer Apps 7 Vocab 2

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  1. Folder
    An area of a disk that holds a group of documents
  2. Legend
    In a chart or map, a little box that explains the colors or patterns used for different items
  3. Hard Copy
    A printed copy of the file displayed on your screen
  4. Checkbox
    A little square in a dialog box you can click on to turn a certain feature on or off
  5. Menu
    A lit of possible choices, like a menu in a restaurant
  6. Scroll
    To move through a document
  7. Clipart
    Ready-Made drawings you can add to your documents or presentations
  8. Undo
    To reverse the last thing you did
  9. Spread Sheet
    A program used for accounting, budgeting, and other types of number-crunching
  10. Drag
    To move an object around your screen
  11. Handles
    Little squares at the edges and corners of a selected graphic on your screen
  12. Font
    A set of characters with a particular design and size
  13. Paste
    To insert the last information you cut or copied into a document
  14. Copy
    To make an exact copy of information in your document so you can place the duplicate in a new location
  15. Desktop
    On a PC, the background behind all your windows, menus, and dialog boxes, which is supposed to represent a desk
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