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  1. 2.1 function of conjunctiva
    protects the outside of the eye (lens)
  2. 2.1 function of cornea
    • (transparent part)
    • support of eye, allows light to enter eye
  3. 2.1 function of sclera
    support & shape, rough & hard to penetrate
  4. 2.1 function of choroid
    supplies blood to the eye (retina etc)
  5. 2.1 function of retina
    nerve fibres inside the eye that detect light
  6. 2.1 function of iris
    • (coloured part)
    • adjusts the amount of light entering the eye
  7. 2.1 function of lens
    focuses the image onto the back of the eye's retina
  8. 2.1 function of aqueous & vitreous humor
    • supply nutrients to lens & inside of the eye
    • gives it shape & support
    • allows light to move slower - refraction
  9. 2.1 function of ciliary body
    muscles that control movement of lens
  10. 2.1 function of optic nerve
    sends signals from the retina to the brain
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