English anual 9

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  1. Give 5 characteristics of Romantic literature
    • - Nature
    • - Neoclassicism
    • - Love of humanity
    • - Heroins
    • - Nationalism
    • - Far off lands
    • - Supernatural
  2. Give 5 characteristics of gothic literature
    • - Late 18th early 19th century
    • - Mystery
    • - Supernatural
    • - Unexplained events
    • - Women in distress
    • - Setting in a castle, dreary
    • - Metonymy
  3. What is Jane Austen's style in Northanger Abbey? Name 4 aspects
    • Satire
    • Breaking the 4th wall
    • Bathos
    • Social criticism
  4. Give two differences and two similarities of mood and tone.
    • Similarities:
    • Emotion
    • Mystery
    • Exaggeration
    • Differences:
    • Tone/ Mood
    • It is narrated/ Reader feels it
    • Subjective/ Setting objective
  5. Explain parody, simple exaggeration and caricature
    • Parody is essentially imitation and it is rewritten with some differences that make the work more comical, changing the mood.
    • Simple exaggeration is just portraying something different than how it really is.
    • Caricature is when you make emphasis in someone's traits, exaggerating them. It is specifically for a person.
  6. Difference between Pathos and Bathos
    • Pathos:
    • There is rising action, and a climax, as expected.
    • Bathos:
    • There is rising action, but it does not build up to something, it could be considered disappointing. One example in Northanger Abbey is when Catherine is looking for something mysterious, it is raining, and in the end, what she finds are laundry receipts.
    • Describe Gatsby physically
  7. Give three positive qualities and three negative.
    • Nick's perception of Gatsby
    • How Gatsby acts in the novel
    • He is groomed
    • He wears pink suits
    • He is short and tanned
    • Positive:
    • - He is very friendly
    • - He is very affectionate, more towards Daisy
    • - He's rich
    • - Works for what he wants
    • Negative
    • - He does illegal business
    • - He is obsessed with something for many years.
    • - Does not know how to choose real friends, therefore he dies lonely and for someone that maybe did not love him at all.
    • Nick portrays Gatsby much better than he really is.
    • In the beginning, Gatsby is very lighthearted, he does almost everything for Daisy. Very enthusiastic, in the end he is very sad and it is depressing to see such an enthusiastic character like that.
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