Notes 001 mnemonics and notes from first lab part 1 #1

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  1. What does AVPU stand for?
    • Alert
    • Verbal stimulation
    • Pain stimulation
    • Unresponsive
  2. Which mnemonic(s) is (are) for the initial assessment?
    LISA and ABCs
  3. What does LISA stand for?
    • Life threats--address life threats/chief complaints
    • Impression--your general impression of the situation
    • Stabilize--stabilize the cervical spine
    • AVPU--evaluate responsiveness and level of consciousness (LOC)
  4. What are the steps for Scene Size Up?
    • Safety--ensure that the scene is safe for you and your partner.
    • MOI or NOI--determine the MOI or NOI.
    • BSI
    • How many patients are there?
    • Determine if any additional resources are needed (ALS, fire department, police, etc.)
  5. What are the ABCs?
    Airway (OSO), Breathing (IPASSO2), and Circulation (PBSS or VCRSS)
  6. What is OSO?
    • Open--open the airway
    • Suction--remove anything obstructing the airway
    • Keep open--use an OPA or NPA to keep the airway open
  7. What is IPASSO2?
    • Inspect--look for injury
    • Palpate--feel for broken bones, etc.
    • Auscultate--listen
    • Seal holes--cover with occlusive dressing
    • Stabilize--stabilize any impaled objects
    • O2--give the patient O2
  8. What is PBSS/VCRSS?
    • Pulses
    • Bleeding
    • Skin
    • Shock

    • Voids
    • Carotid pulse/capillary refill
    • Radial pulse
    • Skin
    • Shock
  9. After you complete the ABCs, what must you then do?
    Identify priority patient and decide whether to "stay and play" or "load for the road."
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