Coal Fire Plant

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  1. Coal Pile: Aprox. 60 days supply of coal is stored
  2. crusher house: coal is crushed to no larger tahn one inch before being conveyed to the coal bunker
  3. Bunkers contain 24-48 hours of "ready" storage
  4. Coal feeder: coal is fed to the pulverizer at the desiered rate.
  5. Coal pulverizer: coal is pulverized to the fineness of face powder and mixed with hot air which carries the mixture to the burners
  6. Coal burners: The coal-air mixture is combined with the additional hot air and ignited at the burners.
  7. Boiler: Tremendous quantitie of heat are generated by the combustion process in the boiler furnace
  8. Forced draft fan: air for the combution process originates at the forced draft fan
  9. Air heater: exhaust gases from the boiler are used to heat air from the forced draft fan on its way to the burners
  10. Boiler Feed Pump: water for the boiler is taken from the deaerator storage tank and pumped to the boiler through the high pressure feedwater heaters which are heated by team bled from the turbine
  11. Economizer: feedwater travels through the economizer where it is heated by the exhaust (flue) gases
  12. Steam drum: The heated water leaves the economizer and enters the steam drum where it circulates through the steam generating tubes of the boiler. the heat added in the boiler produces steam in the top of the drum
  13. Superheater: Steam from the steam drum tavels to the superheater where additional heat is dded producing steam often as hot as 1050°F
  14. High pressure steam main: piping through which the steam passes to the turbines
  15. Turbine: steam expands as it passes through the blades of the turbine causing the rotor to spin inside the generator
  16. Reheater: steam from the high pressure turbine is reheated to 1000°F and returned to the intermediate presure and low pressure turbines
  17. Generator: the generator produces electricity
  18. Exciter: the exciter produces the magnetic field of the generator
  19. Step-up Transformer: the voltage of the electricity produced by the generator is increased to transmission voltage - often as high as 345,000 volts
  20. Condenser: the steam exhausting from the turbine is cooled and condensed by passing over tubes containing cooling water
  21. Cooling tower: The water for the condenser passes through this tower, where it is cooled and returned to the condenser
  22. Condensed water pump: The condensed steam is pumped through the low pressure heaters, where it is heated by portions of low pressure steam extracted from the turbine, and dearerator and then on to the deaerator storage where it is recycled.
  23. Demineralizer for the make-up water: water and steam losses in the total cycle are repenished with purified (demineralized) water at the condenser.
  24. Ash hopper: Heavy ash produced by the combustion process is colected in the bottom ash hopper
  25. Environmental control equipment: either electrostatic precipitators or baghouses collect more than 99% of the dust from the coal smoke.
  26. Induced Draft Fan: This large fan draws gases from the fly ash collector and dischafrges them into the chimney.

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