Gramatical Change

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  1. Why is it impossible to fix a language?
    Because they are in a constant state of flux
  2. Why is grammar more resistant to change than phonology and lexis?
    Because of the fixed rules that arrived in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  3. When were the most dramatic changes to grammar?
    In the middle ages (17-1800) or Old English
  4. What changed about inflections?
    Since old english inflections have been massively reduced.
  5. When did most verb infections disappear?
    In middle English
  6. What has happened to nouns over time?
    The way they become plural is now much simpler than previously.
  7. What has happened to pronouns?
    they have changed from thou thee and thine (2nd person singular pronouns) and disappeared
  8. how has formation of Negatives changed?
    • Double negatives are now not accepted. Previously they were used to add emphasis to a point.
    • eg. I see not
  9. How has formation of questions changed?
    • The main point of a question is now at the end of the sentence.
    • eg. Do you see? ┬áSeesth thou?
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