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  1. performance management
    the continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning their performance with organization's goals
  2. compensable factor
    A fundamental, compensable element of a job, such as skills,effort, responsibility, and working conditions
  3. wage curve
    shows the relationship between the value of the job and the average wage paid for this job
  4. broadbanding
    consolidating salary grades and ranges into just a few wide levels or "bands". each of which contains a relatively wide range of jobs and salary levels
  5. comparable worth
    the concept by which women who are usually paid less than man can claim that men in comparable rather than in strictly equal jobs are paid more
  6. piecework
    a system of pay based in the number of items processed by each individual worker in a unit of time, such as items per hour or items per day
  7. golden parachute
    a payment companies make in connection with a change in ownership or control of a company
  8. gainsharing plan
    an incentive plan that engages employees in a common effort to achieve productivity objectives and share the gains.
  9. flexible/cafeteria benefits plan
    individualized plans allowed by employers to accommodate employee preferences for benefits
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