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  1. What's a short story?
    • A brief piece of fiction.
    • Fiction is imaginary. there are many different types of short stories.
  2. Why read short stories?
    • Because they are entertaining.
    • They take you to another time and place.
    • they can help you find out something interesting.
  3. How do I read short stories?
    • focus on literary elements
    •                       - character
    •                       - theme

    •               reading skills
    •                        - predict
    •                       - infer
  4. How is a short story organized?
    • - beginning, a middle, and a end
    • - most also have a CONFLICT
  5. what are the FIVE STAGES of a short story?
    -exposition: characters and places are introduced

    -rising action: conflict or problem occurs

    - climax: the turning point moment of greatest suspense or conflict

    - falling action: events following the climax

    - resolution: the end
  6. Describe the dog Lob
    • He is a big Alsatian or German shephard dog.
    • He has light-brown eyes, black tipped ears and a thick soft coat.
    • He is affectionate to Sandy.
    • He is determined to be with Sandy.
    • He is very loyal.
  7. Describe Sandy.
    Sandy Pengelly is a girl.

    She is five when she first meets Lob the dog and she fell in love with him.
  8. Describe the setting for "Lob's girl"
    It is a fishing village with rocks and cliffs and a small beach.

    It had a very dangerous road.
  9. How long was Lob with the family?
    For nine years.
  10. Where was Sandy going when she had the accident?
    She was going to visit her Aunt Rebecca who was lonely.

    She was going to spend the evening with her.
  11. How did the accident happen?
    A truck crashed on the terrible road.
  12. How did Sandy wake up from the coma?
    The dog Lob went to visit her. She heard him and touched his head.
  13. What really happened to Lob?
    He died in the accident and was buried at sea.
  14. Describe Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones.
    • She is a large woman.
    • She is maternal and strong, but generous.
    • She was poor once like the boy and did things she is not proud of too, so she understands him.
  15. Describe Roger.
    He is fourteen or fifteen. He is thin and he has a dirty face. He looks hungry.
  16. Why does Roger try to steal Mrs. Jones pocketbook?
    He wants some blue suede shoes.
  17. where does Mrs. Jones work?
    In a beauty shop in a hotel.
  18. Describe Billy Weaver
    • He is tall, with blue eyes, and white teeth.
    • He is handsome. He is seventeen years old.

    He wants to be a businessman and work in the bank.
  19. Describe the landlady.
    • She is about 45 or 50 years old.
    • She had a round, pink face and gentle blue eyes.
    • She seemed very nice.
  20. What is strange about the landlady?
    • She acts strange.
    • There is no one else in the boarding house.
  21. What is the setting of THE LANDLADY
    The town of Bath in England.

    A nice boarding house which looks cosy and pleasant.
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