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  1. What is this?Image Upload
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              What is this called
    Oil Dip Stick
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    What liquid do you pour in this hole?
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    What is this?
    Lawnmower Blade
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    What is this opening on side called?
    Side Discharge
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    What is this opening in the rear of lawnmower called?
    Rear Discharge used for bagging grass
  7. What can happen when you stick your hand under a lawnmower without safely keeping it from running?
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    • Never stick your hand under a running lawn mower or a stopped lawn mower unless you know how to lock it out where it will not start on its own by turning engine shaft.
  8. When reading the oil dipstick after removing it from the lawnmower how should you hold it to see where the oil level is on the stick?
    A. Straight up in the air
    B. Straight down toward the ground
    C. Horizontal level then slightly tilt end of stick toward ground
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    C. Level and slightly point toward the ground
  9. If you check the dipstick on a lawn mower and find it needs oil and you put some oil in it, then look at the stick and you have over filled it what should you do.
    A. go ahead and run the lawnmower anyway
    B. Turn mower upside down and pour oil out
    C. Tell someone get help to drain some oil out
    C. Tell some one, you can damage the engine. White smoke will come out of the engine indicating to much oil turn it off get someone. Oil is not that hard to remove if you know how to do it.
  10. If the oil is on the add mark of the dipstick and you don't have any oil handy what do you do.
    A. Say it will be alright for one more mowing.
    B. Pour any kind of oil you find in the garage.
    C. Tell some one I need oil.
    C. Tell some one to get the proper oil to put in the engine. Running an engine without oil or low on oil you can get a new lawnmower. Engine will run get hot and lockup.
  11. What type of oil would you put in a lawnmower?
    A. Any kind you can get your hands on.
    B. Cooking oil from the kitchen.
    C. Learn what type of oil your engine needs. Oil is based on thickness weight, 20 weight, 30 weight, 40 weight among other things.
    C.  Know what your engine uses and don't use anything else unless told by someone who knows what they are talking about or buy a new engine.
  12. Should you ever have to change the oil out in a lawnmower? That is to say remove the oil in the engine and put all new oil back in its place?

    Yes or No
    Yes  Changing oil as recommend by the manufacture of the engine or at least once a year putting fresh oil in will make the engine last longer.
  13. How can you tell if a lawn mower might need to have its oil changed by just looking at the oil on the dipstick.
    A. It will look black and not very thick
    B. It will have bubbles in it.
    C. Oil will have a burnt smell.

    A & C
      The oil will have a burnt smell and will be black, kind of watery not the nice clear thicker oil that would normally come out of a oil can. Lawnmower will run but long term life of engine is reduced.
  14. Why do we put oil in an Engine, any kind of Engine?
    A. Because if we don't the engine will lockup
    B. To keep the metal moving parts inside engine lubricated so they will move smoothly.
    C. keep the friction between moving parts from getting hot. 

    A,B & C
    All of the above. No oil, buy a new engine shortly after you crank it up.
  15. You see something in front of the lawnmower that the blade might hit what do you do?
    A. I am in a hurry it will be alright I don't think it will hit it.
    B. Got to get in and play PlayStation and this will hold me up I can just mow over it.
    C. Look over your yard you are about to mow and remove anything you think maybe in the way.

       If you hit the wrong thing you can bend the motor shaft, damage the grass cutting blade or sling whatever you run over out the grass discharge hitting someone, car, house window or yourself.
  16. Oil Dipstick question Which answers are true statements.
    A. Oil sticks have a Max oil mark and Min. mark
    B. I need to know how to read my engine dipstick before I use the lawnmower.
    C. Dip Sticks tell how much oil is in the engine.
  17. A,B & C  Pull oil Dipstick out before you crank the engine check level wipe the stick and put it back in oil well all the way pull it back out look at level. know what it means if it is in between the Max and Min.
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