7.3. Social Interaction and Social behavior

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  1. Master Status

    What is an example thats used?
    • Is the one that dominates the others and determines that individual's general position in society.
    • ¬†
    • Kobe's master status of dominating at basketball than others.
  2. Social Roles

    Role exit
    Are expectations for people of a given social status.

    Is the process of disengaging from a role that has become closely tied to one's self-identity to take on another.
  3. Utilitarian Organizations

    Normative Organizations 

    Coercive Organizations
    Are those in which its members get paid for their efforts, such as a business.

    Are ones that motivate membership based on morally relevant goals such as a group joining together to stop drunk driving.

    Are ones that its members have no choice in joining, such as prisons.
  4. Some emotional responses are what?

    What are complex emotions caused by?
    Simple or Complex

    Complex emotions are caused by memories, expectations, and interpretations.
  5. What are the two most areas that convey emotion?
    The eyes and mouth.
  6. Empathy
    Is the ability to identify with other's emotions.
  7. Impression management or self-presentation
    Is the conscious or unconscious process whereby people attempt to manage their own images by influencing the perceptions of others, such as saying I didn't study out loud before an exam.
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