Nervous system

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  1. Give the definition of Nerve stimulus (question 15)
    Anything able to trigger the generation of an action potential in a neuron.
  2. Number of mV is resting potential?
  3. What is a NERVE?
    bundle of one or more neurons
  4. What is a GANGLIA?
    cluster or group of nerve cell bodies
  5. What are MENINGES?
    three layers of connective tissue that cover the brain and spinal cord
  6. What is Cerebra-spinal fluid (CSF)?
    Clear liquid that protects the brain and spinal cord from trauma and chemical injuries
  7. What is the Blood Brain Barrier?
    • Protects the brain from toxins, harmful
    • substances and bacteria that enter the bloodstream by maintaining tightness of
    • capillaries and junctions between cells.
  8. What is Epilepsy?
    • Abnormal and intense electrical activity in
    • the brain resulting in recurrent fits or seizures
  9. What is a Seizure?
    Abnormal neuron activity in the brain.
  10. What is a Dendrite?
    The receiving end of a neuron
  11. What is the Myelin Sheath?
    a multi layered lipid and protein covering which insulates the axon and increases the speed of nerve impulses.
  12. What is Hyperpolarisation?
    a change in a cells membrane potential that makes it more negative.
  13. What are Microglia?
    Glial cells that are phagocytic
  14. What is the Cerebrum?
    The most anterior part of the brain that aids in sensory perception.
  15. what is the cerebellum?
    the part of the brain at the back of the skull that coordinates movements.
  16. What is Petit Mal?
    absence seizures with no lingering confusion
  17. What is Grand Mal?
    Tonic Clonic seizure with lingering confusion, where recovery time varies
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