communication and elders

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  1. communication
    • categories of impaired communication include reception, perception and articulation
    • reception- is impaired by anxiety and an altered LOC or related to specific disorder such as hearing
    • preception- is distorted by stroke, dementia, and delirium
    • articulation is a mechanical difficulty
  2. Articulation
    • speech is affected by articulation as a result of:
    • - dysarthria
    • - respiratory disease
    • - destruction of the larnyx
    • - stroke
    • Specific difficulties occur with
    • - anomia
    • - aphasia
    • - dysarthria
  3. Aphasia
    • is a disorder after the stroke
    • affects a person's ability to communicate with speech and his or her understanding of language, reading, writing, gesturing
    • forms of aphasia:
    • - fluent aphasia
    • - nonfluent aphasia
    • - verbal apraxia of speech
    • - anomic aphasia
    • - global aphasia
  4. Dysarthria
    • is caused my a weakness or incoordination of the speech muscles
    • is characterized by weakness, slow movement, and lack of coordination of the muscles associated with speech
    • speech appears as slow, jerky, slurred and quiet with a lack of expression
    • treatment includes alternative and augmentative speech aids

    be honest when u don't understand them. repeat back to make sure u got it, does not affect a person's intelligence
  5. Implications of geron nursing and healthy aging
    • communication with older adults experiencing aphasia and dysarthria can be frustrating
    • geron nurses have to be educated on the techniques to facilitate communication skills with older adults who have difficulties
    • knowledge of the nurse needs to include equipment and resources available for effective communication
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