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  1. What would be considered a community based setting where medications may be delivered?
    • Home
    • School
    • Work
  2. What format for client teaching is associated with medication administration in the community setting?
  3. 1. General
    • 2. Diet
    • 3. Self-administration
    • 4. Side effects
    • 5. Cultural considerations
  4. What special considerations should the nurse utilize when teaching or providing medications in the home setting? School setting? Work setting?
    • Home setting:
    • nurse only give drugs that are FDA approved
    • Only give med with current order from dr that is complete (drug, doage, frequency, route and signature)
    • Med must be labeled by pharmacist or dr
    • Check expiration date at each time to give
    • When error occurs report to HCP or nursing supervisor)
    • School setting:
    • Major component of med admin is assessment of the need for med and its effectiveness of action (incudes being alert to side effects and adverse reactions
    • Work setting
    • Nurse needs to be aware of policies and procedures for admin of med at specific work site
  5. In relation to the nursing process, what would the nurse assess when delivering medications in the community setting?
    • Vital signs and relevant labs or future comparison and evaluation of therapeutic response
    • Drug history and drug/foo/latex/environmental allergies
    • ID pt/students/employees at high risk for reactions
    • Assess pt’s/student’s/employee’s capability to follow therapeutic regimen
    • Determine pt/student/employee learning needs
  6. What would be some nursing diagnoses related to medication administration in the community setting?
    • Risk for injury r/t possible adverse rx
    • Deficient knowledge r/t therapeutic regimen
    • Risk-prone health nehavior (taking meds not as prescribed or w/out first contacting HCP
  7. What nursing interventions would the nurse utilize to deliver medications in the community setting?
    • Pg 102
    • 6 rights
    • Critical elemnts
    • Avoid contact with topical and inhalation meds
    • Discard needles in ‘sharps’
    • Follow policy to discard meds
    • Report drug errors
    • Record effectiveness of drug
    • Image Upload
  8. What client teaching would the nurse provide related to medication administration in the community setting?
  9. What cultural consideration would the nurse utilize during medication administration in the community setting?
    Pg 103
  10. What would the nurse evaluate after a medication has been administered in community setting?
    • Effectiveness of me
    • ID expected time frame of desired drug response (consider need for modification of therapy)
    • Determine pt/student/employee satisfaction with regimen
    • Determine pt/student/employee knowledge of med regimen
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