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  1. The proper terminology for the placing of cremated remains into a final container is
  2. A funeral practitioner must obtain authorization to cremate a body from the
    person who has right of disposition
  3. A family member asks about the benefit of viewing the deceased prior to cremation. The best reply would be that viewing
    helps with the acceptance of reality
  4. Which of the following religious groups prohibit cremation
    Orthodox Jews and Muslims
  5. When releasing cremated remains the funeral practitioner should obtain which of the following
  6. Shortly after beginning the committal portion of the funeral service, a funeral practitioner receives notice of a home death requiring removal by funeral home personnel. The funeral practitioner should return to the funeral home to make the removal upon
    closing of the grave
  7. After having obtained consent from the next of kin for cremation, a funeral practitioner discovers the deceased has a pacemaker. The funeral practitioner should
    contact the next of kin for consent to remove the pacemaker
  8. A container most suitable for cremation would include which of the following
    cardboard container
  9. When it is necessary to perform a visual identification for cremation, the funeral practitioner should
    disinfect/bathe the body prior to the identification viewing
  10. Upon arrival at the cemetery for a committal service the funeral practitioner should first
    assemble the pallbearers behind the coach
  11. A business or individual to whom a debt is owed is a
  12. The difference between the total debits and the total credits in an account is the
  13. What is the accrued interest after 3 months on a one-year, $1,000 note at a 9% annual interest rate?
  14. Personal property permanently attached to land is known as a
  15. A humanistic service would be a
    service without religious connotation
  16. A funeral practitioner arrives at a liturgical church for a service in which the processional and recessional will include clergy, casket bearers, casket, and family. If the aisle is only wide enough to accommodate the casket, the casket bearers should
    walk in front of the casket behind the clergy
  17. In a well-managed funeral home, the source of acceptable employee procedures is the
    employee handbook
  18. The religious affiliation of the deceased may play a role in
    the type of casket selected and the location of the funeral service
  19. When is it appropriate to explain and discuss medical terminology used on the death certificate?
    When the family inquires
  20. To qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSA) and Medicaid benefits, applicants purchasing preneed funerals must enter into which of the following pre-need contracts?
  21. Ultimately, the standard government headstone or marker is the property of the
    Department of Veterans Affairs
  22. A synonym for vestibule is
  23. A Greek Orthodox religious picture is called an
  24. When placing the casket on the grave-lowering device, the casket bearers should grasp what portion of the handle?
  25. Which of the following is the shape of a liturgical church?
  26. Placement of the pall on the casket should be done at the direction of the
    clergy person
  27. During a Roman Catholic funeral Mass, the casket for a lay person is usually placed
    foot-end toward the altar
  28. A document required by the Department of Veterans Affairs is to obtain burial benefits is a
    separation/discharge form
  29. If the deceased had an infectious disease, the funeral practitioner should only inform the appropriate
  30. Which of the following is an example of a signed agreement of an oral understanding?
    embalming authorization
  31. The state or condition of dying without having made a valid will is called
  32. Funeral claims against the decedent's estate are
    preferred claims
  33. The social values of the funeral rite are most commonly learned through
  34. Religion is defined as a culturally entrenched patter of behavior made up of
    sacred beliefs, emotional feelings accompanying beliefs and overt conduct implementing beliefs
  35. The "must behaviors" that indicate that an individual must abstain from certain acts are referred to as
  36. Within an extended patriarchal family, who would assume control of the family at the death of the father?
    Tom, son age 37
  37. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Funeral Rule requires that the Outer Burial Container Price List contain the
    name of the funeral home and the effective date of the price list
  38. A cloth material made of flax fibers is called
  39. Masselin is a casket
    upholstery material
  40. The most likely location for the funeral of a member of the Church of Christ Scientist would be which of the following
    funeral home
  41. The following documents are required by the FTC to be given to the customer for retention
    General Price List and Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected
  42. The following documents are not required by the FTC to be given to the customer for retention
    Outer Burial Container Price List and Casket Price List
  43. Funeral services and merchandise generally consists of which of the following?
    staff, facilities and vehicles; casket, vault and burial garments
  44. A statement of Funeral Goods and Services selected must be presented to
    the person purchasing merchandise and services
  45. During the procession to the grave, a rabbi may stop the pallbearers how many times to pray?
  46. During a disaster, D-MORT personnel are not only faced with the trauma of recovering human remains, but they also have an obligation to which of the following?
    deceased's next of kin
  47. An abnormal fear of death is called
  48. During a post-service conversation, the funeral practitioner should advice families who want grief counseling to see a
  49. An 8-year-old child lost a sibling to SIDS. In working with the family, the funeral practitioner may suggest
    the family allow the child to participate in the funeral
  50. A helpful relationship in which one party seeks to facilitate the development of informed choices and meaningful actions at a critical time within the context another's life is called
  51. Survivors of a traumatic event involving the sudden death of others should
    talk about the event when the subject arises
  52. Another name for client-centered counseling is
  53. The placing of a deceased Native American tribal member on a scaffold is known as a
    primitive funeral rite
  54. Which of the following are correct about the value of a funeral rite to a family?
    Provides an emotional outlet and provides psychological benefits
  55. The feeling that one's own cultural responses and activities relative to death are superior to those of other cultures is an example of
  56. A funeral rite that is adjusted to the needs and wants of those directly involved and to the trends of the times is called
  57. Which of the following is similar to rituals and charged with symbolic content
  58. When a child has experienced the death of a close family member, it is best to bring that child to the funeral home for the first time
    before the scheduled visitation
  59. Which of the following is a common trait found in every culture of mankind?
    the funeral rite
  60. A funeral rite that follows a prescribed ritual or ceremony which may be dictated either by religious beliefs or social customs of a society is
  61. Grief extending over a long period of time without resolution is called
  62. A preneed contract that may be terminated by the purchaser at any time before the death of the beneficiary, with a refund of the monies paid as prescribed by state law, is
  63. Which of the following is an interior style for a casket
  64. A family desires a sealed outer burial container to protect the casket. The best option to be offered to the family for selection should be a
  65. The increments between casket prices, when arranged in order of their increasing value, is called
  66. The gauge of a steel casket is equivalent to the number of steel sheets placed on top of one another to equal the thickness of how many inches
  67. How does a funeral practitioner use the direct selection room procedure for vault selection
    remaining in the selection room
  68. Chromium is added to carbon steel primarily to
    increase the resistance to rust and corrosion
  69. When explaining casket differences to a family, the term protective indicates that the casket is
    designed to resist the entrance of outside elements
  70. Galvanizing is a process in which steel is coated with
  71. The dimensions of a particular steel casket are 6'6" long and 23" wide. A casket invoiced as 6'6" XX would be how many inches wide?
  72. The most commonly accepted means of measuring thickness of copper and bronze caskets is
    ounces per square foot
  73. When explaining casket shell designs to a family, which of the following is an end or corner design?
  74. In comparing a 16- and 20-gauge steel casket, the 16-gauge casket would be
    thicker and heavier
  75. Which of the following is an example of an alternative container?
    a cardboard container
  76. An irrevocable funded preneed funeral contract stipulates that the
    funds cannot be refunded
  77. If an individual was intoxicated when the contractual portion of the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected was signed, the contract is
  78. The party who assigns a contract is the
  79. The Fair Labor Standard Act covers which of the following areas of employment law?
    minimum wage requirement, overtime compensation, equal pay
  80. When two or more persons enter into a contract with one or more other persons, the contract may be
    joint, several
  81. The first step to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance is the creation of a
    needs assessment
  82. Which of the following has occurred in a funeral practitioner intentionally misrepresents a benefit of a preneed funeral arrangement
  83. A legal instrument authorizing payment of insurance funds for funeral expenses to a funeral home is an
    assignment of proceeds
  84. The only fee permitted by the FTC to be non-declineable at the outset of the funeral transaction is the charge for
    basic services for funeral practitioner and staff
  85. In order to transport casketed remains out of the state, the funeral practitioner may
    make arrangements with a common carrier
  86. Funeral homes are required to provide specific training, protective clothing, and a vaccination against hepatitis B under which of the OSHA standards?
    Bloodborne pathogens
  87. Which of the following is not specifically required by the FTC?
    Funeral Agreement form
  88. What price list must be offered to each customer for their information and retention?
    General Price List
  89. Which of the following are OSHA standards?
    Formaldehyde Exposure, Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogen
  90. Which of the following statements about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is true?
    It requires equal access and opportunity for the physically impaired
  91. Which of the following regarding the FTC requirements is true?
    A general price list must have all prices itemized
  92. A dead body is in one mortuary. A second mortuary that has control of the final disposition is said to have
    constructive possession
  93. Which of the following is not required to be on the General Price List?
    casket price list
  94. According to OSHA, the medical record for each employee shall be preserved and maintained for at least the duration of employment plus
    30 years
  95. An apprentice learns the cause of death to be a sexually transmitted disease, Sharing this information with the public is
  96. A man died at the local extended care facility. His family left instructions for the facility to call the funeral home upon his death. When the funeral practitioner arrives o remove the body, what type of contract does the funeral home have with the family of the deceased?
  97. The FTC Funeral Rule requires the retention of certain pricing documents. The funeral home must retain a copy of the General Price List for
    1 year after its discontinued use
  98. Which of the following is regulated by OSHA?
    formaldehyde levels
  99. The FTC's cooling-off regulation for door-to-door sales mandates that preneed sellers inform their customers that they have the right to cancel their transaction at
    midnight of the third business day after the date of transaction
  100. During a home transfer/removal, a funeral practitioner asks for permission to embalm. Does this request require distribution of a General Price list?
    No, as long as the consumer is informed that embalming is not required by law except in special cases.
  101. Which of the following describes an estate in which the liabilities exceed the assets?
    an insolvent estate

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