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  1. What is Anorexia nervosa?
    Anorexia nervosa is a really serious problem where people who suffer from it think they are fat when they are thin.
  2. What is Bulemia nervosa?
    Bulemia nervosa involves periods in which people eat a lot but then purge themselves by inducing vomiting or using laxatives.
  3. What is binge eating?
    Binge eating is out-of-control eating.
  4. What are some possible negative consequences of eating disorders?
    Some possible negative consequences are heart and kidney problems and even death.
  5. What is a symptom of Bulemia nervosa?
    Vomiting and out-of-control eating.
  6. What is a symptom of Anorexia nervosa?
    A symptom of Anorexia nervosa is extreme weight loss and a negative self-image.
  7. What is Bigorexia?

    What is a symptom of Bigorexia?
    Bigorexia is an obsession with growing muscles.

    A symptom is spending 5 or more hours a day thinking their bodies are under-developed.
  8. What is Orthorexia?
    Orthorexia is a fixation with healthy food.
  9. what is SELF-ESTEEM?
    Self-esteem is the opinion you have of yourself.

    A LOW self-esteem is dangerous because is can cause many problems like eating disorders.
  10. What is Amenorrhea?
    The loss of the menstrual period.
  11. What is democracy?
    Democracy is a belief that freedom and equality between people or a system of government based on this belief in which power is held by elected representatives
  12. what is _____________
    1- the activities of the government, members of a law making group
    2- a study of the way a country is governed
  13. a organization of people with particular beliefs eg pusc, pac etc
    political party
  14. an important principle on which the activities of a group are based
  15. all the things that a political party promises to do if they are elected
  16. a piece of paper on which you write your vote
  17. to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new
    to launch
  18. something that you have to do
  19. when a person or political party polls a particular number of votes in an election (encuesta)
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