Elite SAT Vocab 51 - 100

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  1. tangible
    able to be touched or treated as real
  2. embroil
    to engage in trouble; to complicate
  3. homely
    unattractive, plain looking
  4. stamina
    resistance to fatigue or hardship; endurance
  5. primp
    to dress or groom with careful attention to detail
  6. posterity
    future generations
  7. kindling
    dry sticks of wood used to start a fire
  8. rift
    a break in friendly relations
  9. rancid
    spoiled or rotten (esp. oils or fats)
  10. shard
    a fragment of a brittle substance, e.g, glass or pottery
  11. sarcasm
    harsh, often ironic ridicule , intended to hurt
  12. deluge
    a great flood
  13. extortion
    taking (property or money) by force or threat of force
  14. comely
    attractive or pleasing in appearance; pretty; handsome
  15. vogue
    prevailing fashion
  16. obsequious
    showing too great a willingness to serve or obey
  17. scion
    an heir; a descendant
  18. bowdlerize
    to censor, esp. prudishly
  19. defer
    to delay; to put off
  20. become
    to be approporiate or suitable to; to look good with
  21. milestone
    an important event
  22. fleet
    moving swiftly
  23. buoy
    to keep afloat; to raise the spirits of
  24. euphony
    pleasing sound, esp. of words
  25. hierarchy
    a ranking according to status or ability; a group with authority
  26. scintillate
    to give off sparks; to be animated or brilliant
  27. anonymous
    having an unknown or unacknowledged name
  28. lineaments
    any of the features of the body, usually the face
  29. dilute
    to lessen the concentration, force or purity of by adding something
  30. zeal
    intense passion or enthusiasm
  31. blanket
    applying to all conditions or instances
  32. deviate
    to depart from the norm
  33. dynasty
    a succession of rulers or people in power from the same family
  34. detriment
    injury or damage
  35. gauge
    an instrument for measuring or testing
  36. wreak
    to inflict; to cause (something bad)
  37. maverick
    one who rebels; a nonformist; and individualist
  38. protean
    easily taking on different forms
  39. lenient
    inclined not to be strict
  40. ├ęclat
    great brilliance, as of performance or achievement; conspicuous success
  41. ravine
    a deep, narrow gorge, esp. one worn down with running water
  42. malinger
    to act sick in order to avoid work
  43. chauvinism
    unreasoning and boastful devotion to one's country or sex
  44. placid
    calm, undisturbed
  45. voracious
    devouring; extremely hungry
  46. skulk
    to lurk; to move secretively
  47. malaise
    a vague feeling of physical discomfort or uneasiness
  48. lineage
    direct descent from an ancestor; derivation
  49. diverge
    to depart from a set course or opinion
  50. clamber
    to crawl or climb with difficulty, esp. on all fours
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