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  1. The  library is _____ South Street.
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    The  is on South Street.
  2. The bowling alley is ___________ the bookstore.

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    The bowling alley is behind the bookstore.
  3. The post office is _________ East Street and South Street.

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    The post office is on the corner of East Street and South Street.
  4. The city hall is __________ the library.

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    The city hall is next to the library.
  5. The zoo is ____________ the police station.

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    The zoo is across from the police station.
  6. A: Excuse me can you help me?

    B: ___________
    A: Excuse me can you help me?

    B: Sure!
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    Turn left.
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    Turn right.
  9. Walk ________ the street.

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    Walk up the street.

    Walk down the street.
  10. Don't turn right, turn __________
    Don't turn right, turn left.
  11. I live _____ 221B Baker Street.

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    I live at 21B Baker Street.
  12. She lives _____ 1010 Florence street ____ the second floor.

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    She lives at 1010 Florence street on the second floor.
  13. ____ Street name
    _____ the 3rd floor
    ON Street name

    ON the 3rd floor
  14. ____ city eg, ____ San Jose

    ____ Alajuela

    _____ Costa Rica     ____ Australia
  15. Where ____ your house?

    Next to the bank.
    Where is your house?

    Next to the bank.
  16. Where ____ the supermarket and the gas station?
    Where are the supermarket and the gas station?

    (Where are they?)
  17. I _____ basketball and Laura _____ tennis.
    play basketball and Laura plays tennis.
  18. Peter _______ a movie on Netflix.
    Peter watches a movie on Netflix.
  19. John and Mary _______ the car.

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    John and Mary wash the car.
  20. Edmond _______ the dog.
    (negative) He __________ the cat.

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    Edmond washes the dog.

    (negative) He doesn't wash the cat.
  21. Heather and Graham _______ a song.

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    Heather and Graham sing a song.
  22. Keylor Navas _______ tennis, he _______ soccer.

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    Keylor Navas doesn't play tennis, he plays soccer.
  23. QUESTION: Mary and Peter - speak - French

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    Do Mary and Peter speak French?

    Yes, they do.

    Sarah - fly - helicopter

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    Does Sarah fly a helicopter?

    No, she doesn't.

    She flies an airplane.
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