Elite SAT Vocab 101 - 150

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  1. bulwark
    a wall or embankment used for a defensive fortification
  2. acme
    the highest point; as of perfection
  3. ostracize
    to shun
  4. waif
    a homeless person; especially a child or orphan; someone who is thin and gaunt, especially a girl
  5. skittish
    nervous; easily frightened
  6. filament
    a fine wire or thread
  7. perpetuity
    a state of infinite or indefinitely long duration
  8. palpable
    capable of being handled, touched or felt; easily perceived
  9. demure
    coy; modest; reserved
  10. elucidate
    to make something clear; to clarify
  11. claustrophobia
    a fear of confined spaces
  12. mien
    bearing or manner, esp. as revealing one's inner state of mind
  13. discard
    to throw out
  14. bedlam
    any place or condition of noise and confusion
  15. chary
    very cautious
  16. mélange
    a mixture; a hodgepodge
  17. improvise
    to do without perparation
  18. indulgent
    lenient; giving to the desires of others
  19. premonition
    a sense of a future event; a warning in advance
  20. occult
    relatng to the supernatural; beyond human comprehension; mysterious
  21. queasy
    sick to one's stomach; nauseated
  22. mortal
    subject to death; causing death
  23. insidious
    subtly harmful; stealthy; sneaky
  24. beleaguered
    harassed; besieged
  25. elysian
    heavenly or delightful
  26. gist
    the main objective or point
  27. loquacious
    very talkative
  28. procrastinate
    to delay
  29. impervious
    completely resistant to penetration; unaffected
  30. fidelity
    strict faithfulness to vows or promises; exact correspondence with fact
  31. aptitude
    an inherent capacity for learning, understanding or performing
  32. parochial
    restricted; limited; narrow; local
  33. acclaim
    to praise enthusiastically, esp. publically
  34. incessant
    never pausing; continuing without a stop
  35. intrinsic
    relating to the essential nature of a something
  36. recumbent
    lying down in a position of comfort
  37. ramification
    a development or consequence resulting from a course of action
  38. gauche
    socially awkward
  39. adept
    very skilled, esp. natural talent improved by practice
  40. windfall
    unexpected good fortune
  41. curtail
    to cut short, abbreviate
  42. balk
    to stop short and refuse to continue
  43. reciprocate
    to give something in return
  44. facilitate
    to make easier
  45. pedagogy
    the art or profession of teaching
  46. pristine
    remaining in a pure state
  47. arduous
    difficult; laborious
  48. innate
    possessed at birth; inborn
  49. pique
    to arouse (interest, curiosity, etc.); to irritate
  50. rote
    mechanical memorization, often without full understanding
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