PA-Visual Fields/pathways

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  1. Name the parts of the Visual Pathways
    Eyes, Optic Nerve (CN II), Optic Tract, Optic Chiasm, Occipital Cortex
  2. What is Optic Nerve?
    CN II
  3. What is the image projective?
    The image received by the brain is upside down and turned around Right to Left
  4. What area does the left side the brain look at?
    The right side of each of the eyes, NOT just the right eye
  5. What reflex do you not have control over?
    Pupillary Light Reflex
  6. What is the Direct Light Reflex?
    Afferent Link goes into CN II > optic chiasm > brain > back through efferent path (CN III) > pupil (constrict)
  7. What is Consensual Light Reflex?
    both pupils constrict together
  8. What is fixation?
    • reflex direction of eye to a point of interest
    • fixed in fovea centralis
    • can be impaired by drugs, alcohol etc
  9. What is Accomodation?
    Convergence and Constriction when objects move toward nose
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