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  1. Gastric distention will MOST likely occur:
    if you ventilate a patient too fast.
  2. When ventilating an apneic adult with a simple barrier device, you should deliver each breath:
    while watching for adequate chest rise.
  3. The purpose of the pin-indexing system that has been established for compressed gas cylinders is to:
    ensure that the correct regulator is used for the cylinder.
  4. Which of the following factors will cause a decreased minute volume in an adult? (A) Shallow breathing (B) Increased tidal volume (C) Respirations of 20breaths/min (D) slight decrease in respiratory rate
    shallow breathing
  5. How does positive-pressure ventilation affect cardiac output?
    It increases intrathoracic pressure, which decreases venous return to the heart and causes a decrease in cardiac output.
  6. What occurs when a patient is breathing very rapidly and shallowly?
    Air moves primarily in the anatomic dead space and does not participate in pulmonary gas exchange.
  7. The ______ cartilage is a firm ring that forms the inferiorĀ part of the larynx.
  8. After the patients airway is intubated during two rescuer CPR you should
    Deliver one rescue breath every 6 to 8 seconds
  9. A ventilation/perfusion (V/Q ratio) mismatch occurs when:
    a disruption in blood flow inhibits the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs, even though the alveoli are filled with fresh oxygen.
  10. You are performing mouth-to-mask ventilations with oxygen connected and set at a flow rate of 15 L/min. What percentage of oxygen is your patient receiving?
  11. What is the minimum number of chest compressions that should be delivered per minute to a 4-month-old infant?
  12. Each cell of the body combines nutrients and oxygen and produces energy and waste products through a process called:
  13. A patient who is suspected of being hypoxic and is breathing adequately should be given supplemental oxygen with a ..
    nonrebreathing mask
  14. The pressure of gas in a full cylinder of oxygen is approximately _______ pounds per square inch (psi).
  15. Which of the following statements regarding the one-person bag -mask device technique is correct?
    Adequate tidal volume is often difficult to achieve when one EMT is operating the bag- mask device.
  16. The actual exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs in the:
    alveolar sacs
  17. How does CPAP improve oxygenation and ventilation in patients with certain respiratory problems?
    It forces the alveoli open and pushes more oxygen across the alveolar membrane.
  18. The impedance threshold device (ITD) may improve circulation during CPR by:
    limiting the amount of air that enters the lungs during the recoil phase between chest compressions, which results in negative intrathoracic pressure and improved cardiac filling.
  19. An oxygen cylinder should be taken out of service and refilled when the pressure inside it is less than:
    500 psi
  20. Which of the following would NOT cause a decrease in tidal volume?
    deep respirations
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