Head and Neck Anatomy

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  1. How many bones are does the skull consist of?
    • 6
    • 1 frontal, 2 parietal, 2 temporal, 1 occipital
  2. Where do the bones of the skull come together?
  3. How many bones are in the face?
  4. What is the only bone in the face that moves
    Mandible/ temporal
  5. TMJ
    temporal mandibular joint
  6. What is the Cranium supported by?
    C 1- C 7
  7. What is C 7?
    • Cervical bone 7
    • Vertebra Prominence
  8. What is CN 5?
    Trigeminal- pain/ touch
  9. CN 7?
    Facial- mediates facial movements
  10. What is CN VI?
    Abducens- CN that controls the sternocleidomastoid and trapezeus
  11. Preauricular drains..
    forehead/scalp/eye lids
  12. Postauricular drains..
    parietal area and Pinna
  13. occipital drains...
    parietal area of scalp
  14. Tonsilar drains...
    tonsils, bottom of mouth and thyroid
  15. Submandibular drains...
    mucosa of mouth and lips, conjunctiva
  16. Submental drains...
    tongue, floor of mouth, mucosa of mouth/lips
  17. Superficial Cervical drains..
    • ear/skin of neckĀ 
    • it's inf. to ear on SCM
  18. Posterior Cervical drains...
    thyroid, posterior scalp, posterior neck
  19. Deep Cervical drains...
    thyroid, larynx, trachea, esophagus, ear
  20. Supraclavicular (above clavicle) drains...
    • Closest to heart
    • R side - Mediastinum, lungs, esophagus
    • L side- thorax, abdomen
  21. Describe the Hyoid
    • Bone that anchors tongue
    • only bone that does not articulate with another bone
  22. Describe the Larynx
    the voice box
  23. What is the purpose of the thyroid cartilage?
    • Adam's Apple
    • protects other aspects of larynx
  24. Describe the thyroid gland
    • largest endocrine gland
    • secretes T4 and T3
    • regulates cellular metabolism
  25. Describe the isthmus
    the middle of the thyroid gland
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