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  1. Notification of any extra-jurisdictional arrest by a member of this department shall be

    provided to an on-duty Shift Captain as soon as possible but not later than ___hours

    after the incident. 

    A- 8 hours 

    B- 6 hours 

    C- 4 hours
  2. six (6)
  3. All extra-jurisdictional stationary surveillance activity requires notification to the jurisdiction of the general location or area of

    the surveillance and a description of the

    police vehicles involved. Mobile surveillance through another jurisdiction will not 
  4. be notified 
  5. At no time shall an officer engage in extra-jurisdictional traffic enforcement, except in

    cases of  
  6. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Reckless Driving. 
  7. All arrestees shall be transported to the nearest booking facility as required 
  8. by the Sheriff of Broward County 
  9. Any conflicts regarding jurisdictional custody will be resolved by allowing  
  10. the jurisdiction in which the activity occurred to take custody of the arrestee(s) for booking purposes. 
  11. An officer's extra-jurisdictional actions shall be limited to criminal acts, which spontaneously take place  
  12. In the officers presence and/or to investigations, which emanate from the officer's own jurisdiction 
  13. In all cases of extra-jurisdictional arrests, copies of the offense report will be forwarded to the Sheriff or the Police Chief of the  
  14. home jurisdiction 
  15. Prior approval and notice of the chief law enforcement officer need not be obtained in

    order to engage in law enforcement activity based on exigent or emergency circumstances or

    in circumstances where an activity beginning within the City of Fort Lauderdale spontaneously crosses the municipal boundaries into another municipality or the unincorporated area 

  16. True 
  17. If such activity results in an extra-jurisdictional arrest, the officer shall detain the arrestee, and, if practical, contact the 
  18. Home jurisdiction for assistance 
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