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  1. What happens to the lens during accommodation?
    • Lens thickness increases anterior to posterior
    • Lens thins along the equator
    • Anterior lens surface moves forward
    • AC becomes shallower
  2. What UVR does the lens absorb?
    UVB and some UVA
  3. What detoxifies free radicals in the lens?
    • Glutathione
    • Ascorbic acid
  4. What happens to the lens in diabetes?
    Excess glucose = excess sorbitol = hyper osmolaric conditions in lens = water swells in fibers = transparency lost
  5. Histologically, what forms the fetal nucleus?
    Anterior lens epithelium
  6. What is important about the fetal nucleus?
    Y sutures
  7. What is important about the embryonic nucleus?
    • Highest index of refraction (1.5)
    • Most mature
  8. What happens to crystallins as we age?
  9. What is important to know about cortical cataracts?
    • Usually caused by UVR
    • Causes hyperopic shifts
  10. What is important to know about NSC?
    • Most common cataract of aging
    • Myopic shift
    • Loss of glutathione
  11. What causes lamellar cataracts?
    • Galactosemia
    • Rubella
  12. What causes Snowflake cataracts?
    Uncontrolled DM
  13. What causes Christmas tree cataracts?
    Myotonic dystrophy
  14. What causes sunflower cataracts?
    Trauma involving copper
  15. What causes oil droplet cataracts?
  16. What causes stellate cataracts?
  17. What happens to the lens with amiodarone?
  18. What happens to the lens with miotics?
  19. What happens to the lens with gold salts?
    Gold deposits
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