Parasitology - Cestodes

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  1. What are the 4 most common parasites in dogs and cats
    • Ascarids
    • Ancylostoma
    • Trichuris
    • Cestodes
  2. What part of the cestode develops in the intermediate host
    • scolex
    • it develops the scolex in the intermediate host so that when it gets to the the actually host it can attach.
  3. All cestodes are said to have this type of life cycle
  4. What is the name for Taenia while in the intermediate host
  5. Zoonotic tapes this condition
  6. what are three symptoms for zoonotic cestodes
    • intestinal cramping
    • diarrhea
    • anal pruritis
  7. What are three Teania (Genus and species) primarily found in man and animals
    • Taenia multiceps
    • Taenia serialis
    • Taenia crassiceps
  8. What are three Cestodes that are considered zoonotic
    • Echinococcus granulosus
    • Echinococcus multiocularis
    • Dipylidium caninum
  9. What is considered the most common tape worm found in dogs, cats, and man
    Dipylidium caninum
  10. What are the two intermediate host for Dipylidium caninum
    • flea *primary*
    • lice
  11. What is the definitive host and intermediate host for Echinococcus granulosus and E. multiocularis
    • Dog
    • Man
  12. What is the taxonomy for Aquatic tapes
    • Platyhelminthes
    • Cotyloda
    • Diphyllobothridae
  13. What is the primary intermediate host for Aquatic tapes
  14. This 'Class' of tapeworm is dependent on water ways for intermediate host
  15. Aquatic tapes are said to make up what % of tapworms seen? What percent makes up Eucestodaes (terrestrial) tapes
    • 2%
    • 98%
  16. What is the Genus for aquatic tapes in dogs and cats
    • Diphyllobothrim (dogs)
    • Spirometra (cats)
  17. The Sandwich Elisa test was said to diagnose tapes better, up to % effective in shelter animals
  18. What is the 'cap' called on the scolex of tapesworms
  19. All Cestodes and Trematodes are considered to have both male and female sexual organs making them
  20. When a proglottid falls out in the feces it is considered
  21. What are individual segements of the strobila called
  22. What is the entire end of a tape worm called, its composed of proglottids
  23. What is considered the drug of choice for tapeworms with hooks and what does it destroy on the tape worm
    • Proziquantel
    • Scolex
  24. How many vaginal pores are there on
    • 1
    • 2
    • 1 - in the center
  25. What order of tapeworms is considered 'pseudo tapeworms'
  26. What order of tapeworms is considered to be 'true' tapeworms
  27. What is the intermediate host for Taenia
  28. With the sub-class Eucestoda what are the two primary purposes for radial cups on the scolex
    • attachment
    • locomotion
  29. What are three characteristics for Diplyidum and Taenia
    • Four radial cups (suckers
    • Rostellum - may or may not be retractable
    • has hooks
  30. What are three characteristics for Anoplocephala and Monezia scolexes
    • Four radial cups
    • small to no rostellum
    • They have no hooks, instead they have vistigial hooks
  31. What are three characteristics of Diphyllobothrium and Spirometra
    • Weak cups
    • no rostellum or hooks
    • uterine pores are in the middle
  32. What is the name for the eggs as they are passed through the pores of the proglotted
  33. The terminal segment Diphyllobothridae are said to be come this instead of gravid like proglottids do. Its another way to say dead
  34. Where do Aquatic tapes discharge their eggs
    in the intestines
  35. What are the three parts of an Cestode egg (outside to inside)
    • Egg capsule
    • Embryophore
    • Onchosphere
  36. Term applied to all Cestodes that parasitize an intermediate host
  37. What is the intermediate host for Mesocestodes
  38. What are the two drugs of choice for the treatment of tapeworms
    • Cestex (Epsiprantel) - Beecham
    • Droncit (Praziquantel) - Bayer
  39. This is the external part of the Cestode egg and it protects the embryo
    Egg capsule
  40. This is the middle portion of a Cestode egg and it serves as a waste disposal area and is a port for nutrition and protection.
  41. This part of the Cestode egg holds the vermiform embryo itself
  42. Give an example of Metacestode
    Taenia in teh intermediate host, a rabbit, becomes known as Cystacercus pissiformis and is now considered a Metacestode
  43. What is the family of Cestodes found in the northern states of the US
  44. Why is Echinoccocus grandulosus harder to get rid of
    Because it has multiple head
  45. What is the definitive host for Teania pisiformis, what is the intermediate host and what is the Metacestode name for it
    • Dog
    • Rabbit
    • Cysticercus pisiformis
  46. What two things determent the naming of tapes and their larvae
    • the number of bladders present
    • number of scolex they have
  47. What is the larval form of Mesocestodes called in the intermediate host
  48. What is the larval form of Taenia called in the intermediate host.
  49. What is a term used to refer to the larval form of a Dipylidium tape
  50. What is the Genus and species of
    Common flea:
    Biting lice:
    Sucking lice:
    • Ctenocephalides felis
    • Trichodectes canis
    • Linognathus setosus
  51. What is considered the most common tapeworm
    Dipylidium caninum
  52. What is the Genus and species of the cat aquatic tape
    Spirometra mansonoides
  53. Aquatic tapes have two intermediate host, what are they
    • Crustacean (snail, clam)
    • Aquatic (fish) or amphibian (frog)
  54. What are three nicknames for the eggs of Dipylidium caninum
    • egg basket
    • egg casket
    • egg packet
  55. Where does D. caninum normally attach in the host
    small intestine
  56. What is the Taxonomy for Taenia
    • Plathyhelminthes
    • Cestoda
    • Cyclophyllidae
    • Taeniidae
  57. What are the Teania genus and species for
    Cat (there are two)
    • Teania pisiformis
    • Taenia taeniaformis, Taenia hydatigena
  58. What is the larval form for Mesocestoides called
  59. What is the favored organ for hexacanth embryo's in the intermediate host
  60. Government organization that does medial/biomecial research
    National Institute of Health
  61. Which Teania genus and species is said to do more damage in the intermediate host then in the definitive host
    Cysticercus taeniaformis  - does damage in the live often resulting in the intermediate host death before being consumed by the definitive host
  62. Taenia eggs are wrapped in a protective coating called
    Albuminous membrane
  63. What two things does the albuminous membrane provide for Taenia
    • Nutrition
    • Moisture
  64. What was the old drug used to treat Echinococcus, ti would strip the mucosal lining of the intestines
    Arecoline hydrabromide
  65. What is considered the most pathogenic and important of tapeworm due to their zoonosis
    Echinococcus multiocularis
  66. What is the disease for Echinoccocus multiocularis called in man
    Alveolar Hydatid Disease
  67. What are two ways for humans to contract E. multiocularis
    • handling dogs/cats that eat rodents
    • Eating fruits/vegetables grown in contaminated soil
  68. What is another name for the metacestodal form of Cysticercus tenuicollis
    thin-necked bladder worm
  69. Cysticercus tenuicollis does not inhabit the liver like Taenia taeniaformis, but the
    mesentery in the peritoneal cavity
  70. Where is the target location for
    Echinococcus gransulosus:
    Echinococcus multiocularis:
    • liver
    • lungs
  71. What are two disease caused by Echinococcus sps. in humans called
    • Cystic Hydatid Disease - liver
    • Alveolar Hydatid Disease - lungs
  72. What is the taxonomy for Cestodes in equines
    • Platyhelminthes
    • Cestoda
    • Cyclophyillidae
    • Anocephalidae
  73. What is considered the most common tape worm in equines
    Anoplocephala perfoliata
  74. What is the Genus of mite most common for spreading Anaplocephala
  75. Echinococcus granulosus causes this disease in humans
    Cystic Hydatid Disease
  76. Echinococcus multiocularis causes this disease in humans
    Alveolar Hydatid Disease
  77. Both Monezia and Anoplocephala have non-working hooks called
    Vestigual hooks
  78. What is the Cestode of sheeps
    Thysanosoma actinoides
  79. what is the family for Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus
  80. What is the intermediate host for M. hirudinaceus
  81. What is the Cestode of swine
    Macrocanthorhynchus hirudinaceus
  82. what is the name for the metacestodal form in the beetle for M. hirudinaceus
    no name! LAWL!!
  83. Man is considered the definitive host for this cestode from the family Taeniidae
    Taenia taeniaeformis
  84. cats considered the definitive host for this cestode from the family Taeniidae
    Taenia taeniaeformis
  85. dogs considered the definitive host of these 4 cestodes from the Family Taeniidae
    • Taenia pisiformis
    • Taenia hydatigena
    • Taenia ovis
    • Echinococcus gransulosus
  86. What are two tapeworms that are contained in an 'egg basket'
    • Dipylidium caninum
    • Thysanosoma actinoides
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