Nose, Mouth, Throat

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Nose, Mouth, Throat
2015-06-21 19:12:18
nose mouth throat
Nose mouth throat
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  1. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  2. Nose polyp
    smooth gray nodule, can block patency
  3. Parotid Gland has the
    Stensen's Duct
  4. Submandibular gland has the
    wharten's duct
  5. Fordyce Spots
    • spots on the buccal mucosa
  6. Torus Palatinus
    • ridge on palate
    • normal finding
  7. What are you looking for to rule out oral cancer?
    white patches or induration on tongue or under tongue
  8. XII
    • hypoglossal
    • tongue should come out midline
    • if nerve is affect on R side, the tongue will go towards the R
  9. X
    • Vagus
    • Uvula rises and falls midline
  10. Grading Tonsils
    • 1+, visible
    • 2+ halfway to uvula (normal in adult)
    • 3+, almost touching uvula (normal in children)
    • 4+ touching each other, could be emergency
  11. What does viral pharyngitis look like?
    pharynx is red and cobble stoned
  12. bacterial pharyngitis signs/symptoms
    • strep
    • fever, sore throat, may have ear pain
    • needs antibiotics
  13. When does salivation start in infancy?
    3 months
  14. how many deciduous (temporary teeth) are there?
  15. What is a normal finding of a lymph nodes
    • not being able to feel it
    • soft, movable, and small
  16. How to detect for thyroid cancer
    • 1 nodule in thyroid
    • multi nodules are normal
  17. Euthyroid
    thyroid is working normally
  18. What is a fontanel?
    soft spot in infants
  19. What is a toturous temporal artery?
    an artery that sticks out
  20. When do the fontanels close?
    • 1 on top - 12-18months
    • 1 on back- 6 weeks- 2months