anatomical terms and cavities

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  1. sagittal plane
    cuts the body into right and left regions
  2. coronal (frontal) plane
    divides the body into superior and inferior regions
  3. transverse plane
    divides the body into anterior and posterior regions
  4. The cavities of the dorsal body cavity (2)
    cranial and spinal
  5. the cavities of the ventral cavity (2)
    thoracic and abdominopelvic subcavities
  6. Thoracic cavity (3)
    • pleural cavity
    • pericardial cavity
    • includes mediastinum
  7. what is the mediastinum and it's biological purpose?
    it is located within the center of the thoracic cavity and between the pleural cavities. region that includes the heart and major blood vessels, trachea, esophagus, thymus gland, lymph nodes, phrenic and cardiac nerves.

    • It is meant to stabilize the area
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  8. what are serous membranes and what are it's biological functions?
    the serous membranes line the inner walls of the cavities and cover the organs. They consists of a parietal layer and a visceral layer (lines the organs) the layers produce a serous fluid that lubricates and reduces friction between the two layers when the organs shift positions
  9. give the name (&nickname) as well as describe the directional planes of the body
    • Transverse plane (AKA cross-section): cuts the body between anterior and posterior
    • Midsagittal/sagittal plane: cuts the body with left and right
    • coronal: cuts the body by
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