Elite SAT Vocab 301 - 350

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  1. blunder
    to move carelessly
  2. foolhardy
    reckless; bold without judgment
  3. abundant
    in great supply
  4. haphazard
    occurring or happening by mere chance
  5. toxic
    poisonous; dangerous
  6. bow
    forward part of a ship; prow
  7. conspire
    to plan secretly together
  8. erode
    to wear away slowly
  9. persist
    to continue despite difficulty
  10. apex
    the highest point
  11. diction
    word choice in speech or writing; degree of clarity in speaking
  12. mentor
    a counselor or teacher
  13. bravura
    a showy display
  14. segue
    an easy, effective or uninterrupted transition
  15. brazen
    showing shameless, insolent boldness; made of brass
  16. jingoism
    an extreme patriotism
  17. extradite
    to deliver someone (e.g., a fugitive) to the authority of another government or jurisdiction
  18. dappled
  19. abridge
    to reduce
  20. jaundice
    prejudice; bias; a yellowish discoloration of the skin
  21. eloquent
    articulate; convincing and effective in speech
  22. clairvoyant
    having the supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses
  23. derive
    to obtain from a specified source
  24. onerous
    burdensome, hard to bear
  25. dovetail
    to combine or interlock into unified whole
  26. carcass
    the dead body of an animal, esp. one slaughtered for food (also used figuratively)
  27. earshot
    the distance within which a sound can be heard
  28. feisty
    irritable; quarrelsome; full of spirit
  29. retort
    to reply, esp. in a quick or witty manner
  30. consort
    to associate; to keep company
  31. parrot
    to blindly repeat or copy
  32. extraneous
    not an essential part of; unimportant
  33. interdict
    to forbid or stop the activities or entry of
  34. belie
    to picture falsely; to contradict
  35. solemn
    serious; grave
  36. vigorous
    energetic; forceful; strong and healthy
  37. mire
    a swamp or bog
  38. synthesis
    the combination of separate parts into a unified whole
  39. gangly
    awkwardly tall
  40. mausoleum
    a huge tomb
  41. maxim
    a short saying expressing a general principle
  42. regimen
    a set of rules, usually followed for therapeutic effect
  43. saturnine
    of a gloomy temperament
  44. stigma
    a sign of disgrace; a mark that lowers a reputation
  45. histrionic
    overly dramatic, theatrical
  46. innovative
    marked by a new or unusual way of doing things
  47. bilious
    bad-tempered; cross
  48. choleric
    easily angered; bad tempered
  49. rebuff
    to refuse someone; to reject an offer
  50. warp
    to distort, as a twist or bend
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