Parasitology lab: Trematodes slides

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  1. Paragonimus kellicotti 

    Lung Fluke 

  2. Paragonimus kellicotti
  3. Paragonimus kellicotti
  4. Paragonimus kellicotti 

    Lung Fluke of cat, dog, and man
  5. Alaria canis 

    Intestinal fluke
  6. Alaria sp.

    Intestinal fluke
  7. Alaria canis

    Intestinal fluke
  8. Alaria eggs collapsed by osmotic pressure of the float solution
  9. Alaria canis

    Small intestines, attached by suckers

    Intestinal fluke
  10. Fasciola hepatica

    "Common liver fluke"
  11. Fasciola hepatica 

    "Common liver fluke"

    Sheep, goats, cattle and swine
  12. Fasciola hepatica

    "Common liver fluke"
  13. Fascioloides magna

    "Large American liver fluke"

    Cattle, sheep, goats, horses
  14. Fascioloides magna 

    "Large American liver fluke"
  15. Dicrocoelium dendriticum 

    "Lesser or Lancet liver fluke"
  16. Dicrocoelium dendriticum 

    " Lesser or Lancet liver fluke"
  17. Fluke infected liver with fibrotic biliary canals
  18. Fluke involved biliary system of caudate lobe of the liver
  19. Dicrocoelium dendriticum 

    "Lesser or Lancet liver fluke"
  20. Dicrocoelium dendriticum 

    "Lesser or Lancet liver fluke"

  21. Fasciola hepatica

    "Common liver fluke"

    Enlarged and calcified bile duct resulting from chronic infection
  22. Fasciola hepatica

    "Common liver fluke"
  23. Fasciola hepatica

    "Common liver fluke"

    Liver damage due to chronic infection
  24. Fasciola hepatica

    Low lying poorly drained pastures in the Gulf Coast region are ideal habitat for the snail that carries this parasite
  25. Mesocercaria stage of a Alaria canis 

    Flukes with multiple intermedaite hosts that live as adults in intestines of carnivores. Cercarias pass from snails and enter tadpoles, frogs or other mammals in which the metacercariae stage develop. Final host eats mice, rats or raccoons.
  26. Alaria canis


    Intestinal fluke
  27. Schistosoma matheei

    From a sheep

    Best known of all flukes because of the serious disease they cause in man, Schistosomiasis.
  28. Inflammation and pigmentation as a response to fluke tracks made through liver ducts
  29. Pseudosuccinea columella 

    "American ribbed fluke" 

    Snail host for fascioliasis
  30. Fasciola hepatica 

    Sheep grazing near a stream, ideal situation for transmission to potential hosts
  31. Fascioloides magna

    Lesions in deer liver, adults worms in a incised cyst
  32. Fascioloides magna

    Adults, tract marks in a bovine liver
  33. Dicrocoelium dendriticum

    • Occurs in bile ducts and liver
    • Shows adult with oral and ventral suckers, digestive ceca, testes, ovary, vitelline glands, and uterus 

    "Lesser or Lancet liver fluke"
  34. Paragonimus kellicotti

    Paragonium westermani is one of the most important trematodes to man in far east
  35. Encysted lung of an infected cat
  36. Nanophytes salmincola

    Inhabits small intestines of dog, fox, raccoon, or other fish eating mammals. Host ingest fish and harbors fluke and etiological agent, (Neorickettsia helminthoeca), of "Salmon poisoning"

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