Elite SAT Vocab 351 - 400

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  1. abdicate
    to willingly give up the position of king
  2. nimble
    fast and light in motion
  3. aftermath
    a result of consequence
  4. indict
    to formally accuse of criminal activity
  5. amuck
    frenzied, esp. violently
  6. subsidy
    monetary assistance
  7. rear
    to raise children
  8. ingenious
    inventive, cunning, clever
  9. explicit
    fully revealed or made clear
  10. juggernaut
    a terrible, irresistable force
  11. jurisdiction
    the extent of authority or control; the right and power to interpret and apply the law
  12. woebegone
    affected with great sadness, esp. as reflected in one's appearance
  13. valiant
    courageous, brave, as in battle
  14. polemic
    a controversial argument, esp. attacking a particular opinion
  15. peccadillo
    minor sin
  16. saturate
    to soak or fill to capacity
  17. edict
    an authority order issued publicly; a decree
  18. hiatus
    an interruption in activity or progress
  19. constitute
    to make up the parts of; to compose
  20. estuary
    the part of river that meets a sea
  21. mettle
    courage; strength of character
  22. phlegmatic
    having a calm, sluggish temperament; unemotional
  23. ad hoc
    for a specific purpose and no other; improvised
  24. extemporaneous
    done with little or no preparation
  25. trek
    to travel or migrate, esp slowlt or with great difficulty
  26. ensue
    to happen subsequently
  27. palette
    a board which an artist can hold while painting and on which colors can be mixed
  28. gallant
    grave and noble
  29. bazaar
    a market consisting of a street lined with shops
  30. diurnal
    daily; occurring during the daytime
  31. ardent
    passionate or enthusiastic
  32. postscript
    additional information added to the end of a letter or other document
  33. pallet
    a narrow, hard or straw-filled mattress; an often wooden platform used for moving and storing freight
  34. decorum
    polite behavior
  35. currency
    general acceptance or use; the state of being up-to-date
  36. eon
    a long period of time
  37. effrontery
    bold and insult behavior
  38. dictum
    an authoritative, often formal, pronouncement
  39. cordial
    warm and friendly; polite and respectful
  40. impalpable
    that which cannot be felt by touching; not easily understoon
  41. ovation
    enthusiastic and lengthy applause
  42. pittance
    a small amount, esp. of money
  43. confide
    to tell something in secret
  44. dual
    composed of two parts
  45. exhaustive
  46. manuscript
    a book or other document written by hand; an author's original copy of a document submitted for publication
  47. knell
    to ring in a slow, solemn way
  48. de facto
    actual or effective, esp. when without legal authority; in fact
  49. scour
    to wash by scrubbing vigorously
  50. agape
    wide open
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