Bone and Joint problems- promoting mobility

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  1. Terms
    • Bone mineral density- mineral contents of the bone
    • crepitus- crunch in knee- air and fluid in the tissue. sound or feel of bones rubbing on bone
    • osteopenia: loss of bone mineral density/structure at a mild/moderate levels
    • Osteolyte- excessive bone growth
    • osteoporosis: loss of bone mineral density/structure to a great degree. suppose 2 be a balance
    • resorption: loss of substance or bone by physiological or pathological process
  2. Osteoporosis risk factor
    • Menopause
    • smoking
    • lack of calcium
    • sedentary lifestyle
    • life long cortocordsteriod
    • thin women
    • causian and asian
    • fhx
    • age
    • weight (underweight)
    • good nutrition
  3. Osteoporosis decrease risk factors
    • weight bearing excerise
    • lifting light weights
    • good nutrition
    • Ca, Vit D
    • no smoking
    • lifestyle changes
    • peak bone mass at 30yrs
  4. Osteoporosis- dietary implication
    • green leafy veggies
    • milk
    • diary products
    • yogurt
    • sardines- bony fish that is edible
    • cheese
    • soy milk
    • pizza
    • tofu
    • orange juice
    • soybeans
  5. Osteoporosis- pharmacology
    • vita D
    • Ca 1200mg (maybe more)- tums
    • - this causes constipation
    • estrogen replacement therapy
    • - short term 1-2yrs
    • - contraindicated hx of breast cancer, GYN cancer
  6. Osteoporosis- nursing teaching
    • diet- that will not excrete Ca
    • no excessive alcohol, caffiene
    • constipation- incre fluids
    • can cause stones in the kidneys
  7. Osteoarthritis
    • wear and tear on the joints (esp the one that carries weight, like hip and knee sometimes arms/hands and elbows)
    • desruption in bone surfaces no fluids- bone on bone
    • swollen painful, deformity, stiff w/activity painful with activity
    • maybe stiff in the morning
    • end results in the same as RA
    • NSAIDS becareful with elders for bleeding
    • if do not work than replacement
    • no cure
  8. Rheumatoid arthritis
    • systemic chronic autoimmune disease
    • joint damage cause by autoimmune reaction
    • inflammation of the joints. changes in cartilidge
    • nodules on hand (on women) bc it effects the entire body
    • all joints are affected
    • weight loss or gain- not moving or not eating
    • painful in morning
    • flu like symptoms- bc general body responds
    • warm joints, tender
    • treatments:
    • NSAIDS
    • Cox 2 inhibitor
    • methotrexate- higher doses used for cancer
    • joint replacement
    • corticordsteriod- DM a crazy cycle
    • end is the same
  9. Gout
    • disease of kings
    • inability to metabolize purines (breakdown of proteins, which breaks down into uric acid, uric acid crystals- deposit self in joints- called porphi)
  10. Gout assessment
    • Usually found in the big
    • painful- even a light wind can irritate this
    • red, swollen
    • other places ankle, wrist, elbow
  11. Gout- pharm
    • NSAIDS
    • Allopurinol- decre uric acid level
    • Colchicine- decre inflammation
    • Probenecid- get rids of the uric acid in kidneys
  12. Gout- dietary implications
    • be careful of food with purines- asparus, game meat, beef kidney, gravy, sweet, bread
    • Hydrate the pt to get it out
  13. Gout nursing implications
    • alcohol- be careful- prevents excretion of uric acid from the kidneys
    • she didn't ask about diet on the test
    • be careful of S/e of meds
    • watch renal function
  14. overview
    • what will you see in the joints
    • imflammation, swollen, mobility, pain, nodules, red/heat, crepitus
    • ADL, IADL- does it interfere with their life
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