North Dakota Rule and Law 2014

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  1. A class ‘B’ electrician shall have _______ (what time period) experience in farmstead or residential wiring.
    18 months.
  2. A class B electrician will pass a state exam applying toward what portion of the NEC?
    farmstead and residential
  3. The state electrical board must consist of how many members appointed by the governor for a term of how long?
    5 members for five years, with one term expiring each year.
  4. The state electrical board positions expire on what day of the year?
    June 30th
  5. who fills vacancies of the electrical board before the term expires?
    the governor
  6. What are the qualifications required for members of the state electrical board?
    These were repealed by S.L. 1949, ch.287
  7. Concerning fire alarms: Placement of devices will be where?
    at each exit on each level
  8. Fire detectors required in each sleeping room and one detector for each ________ of hallway.
    75 ft.  Source: ND rule and law PP 61 Note 3
  9. Compensation for expenses paid by members of the board in performance of their job are for tax write off purposes and will not be reimbursed.  T or F?
    False.  ND Rule and Law 43-09-04
  10. A special meeting of the board will be conducted outside the standard January meeting by allowing how many days notice to each member of the board?
    10 days. ND rule and law 43-09-06
  11. To obtain a master’s ND license, you must hold a jw license for how long?
    one year. Source: ND rule and law 43-09-11
  12. A person advertises to contract for electrical services without being licensed as or being associated with a class B or master electrician shall face an escalating punishment in each of three phases, which are what?
    • 1. fine of 100$
    • 2. fine of 1000$
    • 3. fine of 1000$ and 30 days in prison
    • Source: 43-09.2 ND rule and law
  13. An apprentice must register with the state electrical board within the first ________ of employment.
    6 months.  Source: 43-13-09.1
  14. What is the exception for an electrical license required?
    An inspector employed by the electrical board or a political subdivision as of July 2, 1989. Source: ND rule and law 43-09-13.2
  15. If the ND state electrical board has an “undertaking fund”.  This fund is used for what purpose? How much does a master electrician or class B electrician have to deposit.
    This fund is used to finish abandoned electrical installations and a sum of 4000 dollars for each master electrician and 5000 for each residential electrician will be deposited. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-14
  16. What fund, in excess of 50,000$, at the beginning of the renewal year, will be used to “educate and inform” electricians concerning requirements of the electrical code?
    The Undertaking Fund.  Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-14
  17. The licensee is required to renew his license every year, however, an expiration may not require re-examination.  How many years may go by before re-examination is required?
    3 years or more. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-15
  18. Under “Continuing Education” the ND state electrical board may have classes to satisfy the CEU requirements in not less than how many locations throughout the state and at what cost to the electrician?
    not less than 6 locations and at not more than 10 dollars per electrician.  Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-15.1
  19. Certain exceptions exist for a license to be required for electrical installations, among these are utilities and this exceptions extends to what point?
    At the first point of service attachment. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-16
  20. Emplohyees of dealers in household appliances, —installing and connecting such appliances to an existing electrical __________ —are exempt from requiring an electrician’s license.
    receptacle. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-16
  21. A journeyman electrician’s permit, the board, upon the recommendation of _____ master electrician and _____ journeyman electrician may issue a permit for a journeyman electrician to engage in his trade until the next meeting of the board for the examination of applicants.  Such permit shall not be renewable.
    One master and two jw. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-17
  22. Can a Master electrician allow an electrician apprentice to work without licensed supervision?
    NO.  Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-18
  23. An electrician cannot install by contract or agreement with anyone other than a master electrician, except in what case?
    A class B electrician in an area with no more than 250,000 in population, on only certain installations.  And must have deposited with the board proof of liability insurance.  Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-20
  24. The manufacturer of a new manufactured building or modular unit shall make any changes required for the proof within ________ from the notice that the building o r  unit does not comply with the applicable regulations.
    • 14 days.  Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-21 Standards for Electrical Wiring and Equipment.
  25. City inspectors shall register their names with the board within ______days after their appointment.
    10. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-22. Inspection of installation - condemnation
  26. A violation of the ND rule and law State Electrical Laws shall be committing what class of crime?
    A class B misdemeanor.  Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-23
  27. How is Special Emergency defined under the North Dakota Rule and law State Electrical Laws (43-09)?
    Repealed by omission from this code. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-24
  28. What specific operation or business is exempt from the North Dakota Rule and Law?
    Coal mines operating under MSHA. Source: ND rule and Law: 43-09-26
  29. Each electrical inspector is assigned to what?
    A district.  Source: ND rule and Law: Chapter 24-01-01
  30. In what year was legislation approved which created a state board of electricians in the state of North Dakota?
    1917. Source: ND rule and Law: Chapter 24-01-01
  31. What is an “E cert”?
    an electronic version of a wiring certificate.  Source: ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-01
  32. What may be marked as FS?
    correction order.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-01
  33. If a plot of ground does not require the connection of RV’s then is this a recreational vehicle site, even though they are there?
    NO.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-01
  34. There are 3 types of master electrician in the state of North Dakota.  They are?
    • contracting master
    • master of record
    • noncontracting master
    • ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-02 General statement of policy and interpretative rules.
  35. A journeyman electrician can obtain his license with not less that what term in an apprenticeship?
    3 years, and at least 8000 hrs.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-02
  36. How many hours credit toward an electrical apprenticeship may be offered for having graduated a two year or more electrical school in North Dakota?
    2000 hrs. ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-02
  37. A class B electrician requires how many hrs electrical experience?  What experience will not be credited?
    3000. Commercial experience will not be credited.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-02
  38. A licensed electrician will supervise not more than _________ apprentices.
    3. ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-02
  39. A master or class B electrician can ply his license for work at how many shops?
    Just one.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-02.3
  40. The purpose of the North Dakota Rule and Law- Electrical wiring standards is what— The practical safeguarding of what?
    The practical safeguarding of persons and of buildings and building contents from electrical hazards….ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-02.5
  41. Voltage drop in the State of North Dakota shall not exceed _______ at the farthest outlet of power, heating, or lighting loads.
    5%.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-03.1 General Requirements.  
  42. What in North Dakota should be remembered about water wells and overhead conductors?
    That overhead conductors should maintain a minimum distance of 25 feet in all directions. ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-03.2 General Requirements.
  43. MC rated for the environment shall be installed in the following occupancies; hospitals, nursing homes, related patient care areas, placed of assembly, and dormitories designed to house _______________.
    more than 16 people.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-03.2 General Requirements.
  44. What is the measurement for portable cleaning equipment and outlets along the floor line?
    No more than 25 feet in any direction can be without an outlet.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-03.2 General Requirements.
  45. Aluminum conductors smaller than number ______ will not be used. In the state of North Dakota.
    6 awg.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-03.8 General Requirements.
  46. What services require surge arrestors?
    grain elevator services.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-04.2 Wiring Methods.
  47. Is a bonding conductor required in a half inch or better conduit if a separate grounding conductor is installed at a motor?
    No. ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-06.1 Grounding and Bonding.
  48. A lighting pole by definition is how tall?  What shall be used to ground it?
    exceeding 12 feet from ground. Lugs. ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-06.1 Grounding and Bonding.
  49. Places of public assembly require how many occupants?
    100 or more.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-04.
  50. Dwelling units with built in cooking units require 2 things.  What are they?  What are they rated by?
    separate disconnect, circuit, and must be rated with the nameplate.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-07. Branch Circuits and Feeders
  51. In a kitchen counter used for public assembly, how many receptacles will be installed?  Of what amperage?
    6 x 20 amp receptacles.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-07. Branch Circuits and Feeders.
  52. A minimum of ______ 20 amp small appliance branch circuits shall be installed to supply receptacle outlets in kitchen, pantry, dining room, and breakfast room.
    3.  ND rule and Law: 24-02-01-07 Branch Circuits and Feeders.
  53. One 20 amp branch circuit will be provided for no more than _______bathroom(s).
    TWO.     24-02-01-07 Branch Circuits and Feeders.
  54. 200 amp or larger house panel will require how many branch circuits? 100?  less than 100?
    • less than 100 amp is 20 spaces
    • 100 to 200 is 30 spaces
    • 200 amp panel is 40 full size branch circuit spaces.  Trick question, depends on the breakers.  24-02-01-07 Branch Circuits and Feeders.
  55. External OCPD’s will be at what height off the floor?
    2 ft and no less. 24-02-01-09 Overcurrent protection.
  56. Perpendicular mast used for support of a service shall not be less than ______ galvanized rigid steel conduit or intermediate metal conduit, fitted with storm collar flashing.
    2 inch.  24-02-01-08 Services.
  57. What cannot be installed, regarding conduit, below grade?
    EMT or aluminum conduit.  Regardless of vapor barrier. 24-02-01-10. Wiring Methods.
  58. How much sheetrock wall can be removed before the 2014 code must be used for the entire installation?
    All sheet rock walls.  24-02-01-10. Wiring Methods.
  59. Illumination of egress shall provide continuous, dependable, illumination of not less than ______ foot candle at floor level for all areas such as corridors, stairways, and exit doorways, providing a lighted path of travel the the outside of the building…. for new stairs, during conditions of stair use is ________ foot candles.
    • One.
    • Ten.
    • 24-02-01-16.
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