Elite SAT Vocab 401 - 450

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  1. dauntless
    incapable of being intimidated
  2. nondescript
    lacking distinction or individual character
  3. cardinal
    of main importance; principal
  4. paraphrase
    to restate in different words; to summarize
  5. debonair
    easy and carefree in manner
  6. circumscribe
    to define the limits of
  7. cascade
    a waterfall or series of small waterfalls; a succession of stages, processes, or units
  8. etymology
    the study of origins of words
  9. etiquette
    the forms of behavior of polite society
  10. dissident
    disagreeing or dissenting, especially politically
  11. cerebral
    pertaining to the brain; intellectual
  12. chronology
    arrangement of events in time
  13. scribe
    a professional copyist of manuscripts and documents, esp. in ancient times
  14. dilate
    to make wider; to expand
  15. demagogue
    a leader who obtains power by appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the people
  16. remunerate
    to pay or compensate
  17. sentinel
    one who keeps watch
  18. testy
    irritable; touchy
  19. foliage
  20. engender
    to beget; to cause; to promote
  21. genocide
    killing of a whole national or ethnic group
  22. bristle
    to react in an angry or offended manner
  23. quid pro quo
    an equal exchange or substitution
  24. segregate
    to separate into groups or parts
  25. bolster
    to support or strengthen
  26. abstract
    without reference to specific instance or concrete existence; theoretical
  27. mosaic
    an image created by the assembly of many small colored pieces, e.g., tiles
  28. glut
    an oversupply
  29. toddle
    to walk with short, unsteady steps, like a child
  30. pulverize
    to crush; to grind into powder or dust
  31. crony
    A long time friend or close companion
  32. incongruous
    lacking agreement; incompatible
  33. complaisant
    showing a desire to please; cheerfully obliging
  34. cumbersome
    clumsy or difficult to manage
  35. inhibit
    to hold back
  36. staunch
    strongly loyal
  37. spontaneous
    occurring naturally or without forethought
  38. urbane
  39. aberration
    a departure from what is right, true, or expected
  40. momentous
    of extreme importance
  41. conscript
    to draft compulsorily, esp. into military service
  42. evoke
    to call forth or call to mind
  43. fastidious
    showing or acting with careful attention to detail; not easy to please; very critical or discriminating
  44. unequivocal
    very clear; definite
  45. temporize
    to act evasively in order to gain time
  46. figurehead
    a person with apparent but no real authority
  47. accommodate
    to oblige; to provide a service or favor; to fit
  48. temporal
    relating to time
  49. aboveboard
    without dishonesty or concealment
  50. ad infinitum
    lasting forever; continuously
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