EPA Type 2 review questions

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  1. your recovery machine has R-502 refrigerant in it. You know have to recover R-22, what must be done before you recover
    recover as much of the R-502 from the recovery unit as possible,change the filter and evacuate
  2. recovery equipment using hermetic compressors has the potential to overheat when drawing deep vacuums because;
    the motor relies on the flow of refrigerant through the compressor for cooling
  3. many refrigerant units use an open compressor. which part of the compressor is most likely to leak if a unit is not used for several months
    rotating shaft seal
  4. where should the refrigerant be removed when the condenser is below the reciever
    at the condenser outlet
  5. after installing a field piped split system what should be done next
    the system should be pressurized and leaked tested
  6. EPA requires that all appliances that are non commercial or industrial containing 50lbs or more refrigerant must be repaired if there is a leak rate of more than what per year
    15% loss per year
  7. refrigerant has been recovered from an air-conditioning unit in order to replace the coil. what can be done with the refrigerant
    you can put it back in the system
  8. if a system is open to atmosphere for servicing, what should be replaced
    the filter drier
  9. you can save time recovering refrigerant from a system by removing as much as possible in what phase liquid or vapor
  10. every system should have what
    pressure  relief valve
  11. what is the state of refrigerant leaving the receiver of a refrigeration system
    high pressure liquid
  12. if the condenser is on the roof and the evaporator is on the 1st floor, where should the recovery take place
    from the liquid line entering the evaporator
  13. on commercial and industrial system when should a leak be repaired
    after the leak rate of 35% per 12 month period
  14. after reaching the required recovery vacuum on an appliance you should what
    wait a few minutes to see if the system pressure rises, indicating refrigerant in the compressor oil
  15. before using a recovery unit what steps should be taken
    • check the service valve position
    • check recovery unit oil level
  16. recovering the refrigerant in the vapor phase will minimize what
    minimize loss of oil
  17. appliance containing refrigerants can be evacuated to 0 psig atmosphere pressure when what happens
    when there is a leak in the system you won't be able to vacuum below atmosphere
  18. for what refrigerant is an equipment room refrigerant monitor requires under ASHRAE 15
    all refrigerants displace oxygen
  19. refrigerant cannot be recovered without isolation on a parallel system because
    each compressor will have to be isolated individually because they are piped in series
  20. which of the following repairs is considered to be a major repair under the EPA guide lines
    replacing a condenser, compressor, evaporator, heat reclaim coil
  21. when evacuating what is the minimum required micron
    500 microns
  22. refrigerant/200lb/pre93/post93
    R-22           less    0hg     0hg
    R-22          more   4hg     10hg
    other          more  4hg     10hg
    other          less    4hg     15hg
  23. all equipment must be fitted with low loss fittings
  24. recovery equipment manufactured after November 15 1993
    • compressor on 90%
    • compressor off 80%
  25. recovery equipment before November 15 1993
    compressor on or off 80%
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