Elite SAT Vocab 1 - 500

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  1. ineffable
    incapable of being expressed
  2. revere
    to honor
  3. forage
    to search for food or provisions
  4. scale
    to climb
  5. sect
    a small group, esp. religious, united by a specific set of beliefs
  6. vernacular
    informal speech; native language
  7. sanguine
    optimistic, cheerful
  8. kindle
    to build a fire; to set on fire or ignite; to arouse
  9. ruminate
    to ponder at length
  10. culpable
    deserving blame or punishment
  11. lummox
    a clumsy person
  12. idiosyncrasy
    a particular, peculiar, or eccentric trait
  13. dissemble
    to deceive or conceal; to hide one's motives; to simulate
  14. lugubrious
    sad or mournful, esp. in a way that seems exaggerated or ridiculous
  15. internecine
    pertaining to conflict whitin a group; mutually destructive
  16. impudent
    rude, shameless
  17. abolish
    to put to an end to
  18. acquiesce
    to agree without protest
  19. rural
    relating to the country or farming
  20. chimerical
    created by or as if by a fanciful imagination
  21. odyssey
    a long, adventurous journey
  22. rail
    to speak bitterly or reproachfully
  23. gratuitous
    unnecessary or inappropriate
  24. inherent
    included as an essential part; intrinsic
  25. saga
    a long prose narrative, often telling of adventure or heroism; a long detailed report
  26. primeval
    relating to the beginning of the first world ages
  27. mammoth
    very large; of clumsy or unwieldly size
  28. marquee
    a sign over the entrance to a public building
  29. intimate
    to make known subtly; to hint
  30. revert
    to return to a former condition
  31. ulterior
    lying beyond what is evident, revealed, or claimed
  32. sedentary
    sitting down most of the time
  33. quell
    to ease; to calm down
  34. forensic
    related to the law or debate
  35. clique
    exclusive group of people
  36. clandestine
    done in secret, esp. to conceal something improper
  37. surmount
    to overcome (e.g, an obstacle); to climb to the top of
  38. pilfer
    to steal a small amount
  39. sweltering
    oppressively hot and humid
  40. subterfuge
    a sneaky or devious method for avoiding difficulty or unpleasantness
  41. respite
    temporary relief
  42. endorse
    to give approval or support
  43. niche
    a place or situation suited for a person or thing; a recess in a wall
  44. ellipsis
    in a sentence, the omission of a word replaced bu three periods
  45. apt
    appropriate; having a natural tendency
  46. ersatz
    artificial; not genuine; fake
  47. serene
    calm and peaceful
  48. instigate
    to stir up or arouse; to foment
  49. predominant
    surpassing all others; most common
  50. valedictory
    a farewell speech
  51. blunder
    to move carelessly
  52. foolhardy
    reckless; bold without judgment
  53. abundant
    in great supply
  54. haphazard
    occurring or happening by mere chance
  55. toxic
    poisonous; dangerous
  56. bow
    forward part of a ship; prow
  57. conspire
    to plan secretly together
  58. erode
    to wear away slowly
  59. persist
    to continue despite difficulty
  60. apex
    the highest point
  61. diction
    word choice in speech or writing; degree of clarity in speaking
  62. mentor
    a counselor or teacher
  63. bravura
    a showy display
  64. segue
    an easy, effective or uninterrupted transition
  65. brazen
    showing shameless, insolent boldness; made of brass
  66. jingoism
    an extreme patriotism
  67. extradite
    to deliver someone (e.g., a fugitive) to the authority of another government or jurisdiction
  68. dappled
  69. abridge
    to reduce (a text etc.) in scope
  70. jaundice
    prejudice; bias; a yellowish discoloration of the skin
  71. eloquent
    articulate; convincing and effective in speech
  72. clairvoyant
    having the supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses
  73. derive
    to obtain from a specified source
  74. onerous
    burdensome, hard to bear
  75. dovetail
    to combine or interlock into unified whole
  76. carcass
    the dead body of an animal, esp. one slaughtered for food (also used figuratively)
  77. earshot
    the distance within which a sound can be heard
  78. feisty
    irritable; quarrelsome; full of spirit
  79. retort
    to reply, esp. in a quick or witty manner
  80. consort
    to associate; to keep company
  81. parrot
    to blindly repeat or copy
  82. extraneous
    not an essential part of; unimportant
  83. interdict
    to forbid or stop the activities or entry of
  84. belie
    to picture falsely; to contradict
  85. solemn
    serious; grave
  86. vigorous
    energetic; forceful; strong and healthy
  87. mire
    a swamp or bog
  88. synthesis
    the combination of separate parts into a unified whole
  89. gangly
    awkwardly tall
  90. mausoleum
    a huge tomb
  91. maxim
    a short saying expressing a general principle
  92. regimen
    a set of rules, usually followed for therapeutic effect
  93. saturnine
    of a gloomy temperament
  94. stigma
    a sign of disgrace; a mark that lowers a reputation
  95. histrionic
    overly dramatic, theatrical
  96. innovative
    marked by a new or unusual way of doing things
  97. bilious
    bad-tempered; cross
  98. choleric
    easily angered; bad tempered
  99. rebuff
    to refuse someone; to reject an offer
  100. warp
    to distort, as a twist or bend
  101. abdicate
    to willingly give up the position of king
  102. nimble
    fast and light in motion
  103. aftermath
    a result of consequence
  104. indict
    to formally accuse of criminal activity
  105. amuck
    frenzied, esp. violently
  106. subsidy
    monetary assistance
  107. rear
    to raise children
  108. ingenious
    inventive, cunning, clever
  109. explicit
    fully revealed or made clear
  110. juggernaut
    a terrible, irresistable force
  111. jurisdiction
    the extent of authority or control; the right and power to interpret and apply the law
  112. woebegone
    affected with great sadness, esp. as reflected in one's appearance
  113. valiant
    courageous, brave, as in battle
  114. polemic
    a controversial argument, esp. attacking a particular opinion
  115. peccadillo
    minor sin
  116. saturate
    to soak or fill to capacity
  117. edict
    an authority order issued publicly; a decree
  118. hiatus
    an interruption in activity or progress
  119. constitute
    to make up the parts of; to compose
  120. estuary
    the part of river that meets a sea
  121. mettle
    courage; strength of character
  122. phlegmatic
    having a calm, sluggish temperament; unemotional
  123. ad hoc
    for a specific purpose and no other; improvised
  124. extemporaneous
    done with little or no preparation
  125. trek
    to travel or migrate, esp slowlt or with great difficulty
  126. ensue
    to happen subsequently
  127. palette
    a board which an artist can hold while painting and on which colors can be mixed
  128. gallant
    brave and noble
  129. bazaar
    a market consisting of a street lined with shops
  130. diurnal
    daily; occurring during the daytime
  131. ardent
    passionate or enthusiastic
  132. postscript
    additional information added to the end of a letter or other document
  133. pallet
    a narrow, hard or straw-filled mattress; an often wooden platform used for moving and storing freight
  134. decorum
    polite behavior
  135. currency
    general acceptance or use; the state of being up-to-date
  136. eon
    a long period of time
  137. effrontery
    bold and insulting behavior
  138. dictum
    an authoritative, often formal, pronouncement
  139. cordial
    warm and friendly; polite and respectful
  140. impalpable
    that which cannot be felt by touching; not easily understood
  141. ovation
    enthusiastic and lengthy applause
  142. pittance
    a small amount, esp. of money
  143. confide
    to tell something in secret
  144. dual
    composed of two parts
  145. exhaustive
  146. manuscript
    a book or other document written by hand; an author's original copy of a document submitted for publication
  147. knell
    to ring in a slow, solemn way
  148. de facto
    actual or effective, esp. when without legal authority; in fact
  149. scour
    to wash by scrubbing vigorously
  150. agape
    wide open
  151. dauntless
    incapable of being intimidated
  152. nondescript
    lacking distinction or individual character
  153. cardinal
    of main importance; principal
  154. paraphrase
    to restate in different words; to summarize
  155. debonair
    easy and carefree in manner
  156. circumscribe
    to define the limits of
  157. cascade
    a waterfall or series of small waterfalls; a succession of stages, processes, or units
  158. etymology
    the study of origins of words
  159. etiquette
    the forms of behavior of polite society
  160. dissident
    disagreeing or dissenting, especially politically
  161. cerebral
    pertaining to the brain; intellectual
  162. chronology
    arrangement of events in time
  163. scribe
    a professional copyist of manuscripts and documents, esp. in ancient times
  164. dilate
    to make wider; to expand
  165. demagogue
    a leader who obtains power by appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the people
  166. remunerate
    to pay or compensate
  167. sentinel
    one who keeps watch
  168. testy
    irritable; touchy
  169. foliage
  170. engender
    to beget; to cause; to promote
  171. genocide
    killing of a whole national or ethnic group
  172. bristle
    to react in an angry or offended manner
  173. quid pro quo
    an equal exchange or substitution
  174. segregate
    to separate into groups or parts
  175. bolster
    to support or strengthen
  176. abstract
    without reference to specific instance or concrete existence; theoretical
  177. mosaic
    an image created by the assembly of many small colored pieces, e.g., tiles
  178. glut
    an oversupply
  179. toddle
    to walk with short, unsteady steps, like a child
  180. pulverize
    to crush; to grind into powder or dust
  181. crony
    A long time friend or close companion
  182. incongruous
    lacking agreement; incompatible
  183. complaisant
    showing a desire to please; cheerfully obliging
  184. cumbersome
    clumsy or difficult to manage
  185. inhibit
    to hold back
  186. staunch
    strongly loyal
  187. spontaneous
    occurring naturally or without forethought
  188. urbane
  189. aberration
    a departure from what is right, true, or expected
  190. momentous
    of extreme importance
  191. conscript
    to draft compulsorily, esp. into military service
  192. evoke
    to call forth or call to mind
  193. fastidious
    showing or acting with careful attention to detail; not easy to please; very critical or discriminating
  194. unequivocal
    very clear; definite
  195. temporize
    to act evasively in order to gain time
  196. figurehead
    a person with apparent but no real authority
  197. accommodate
    to oblige; to provide a service or favor; to fit
  198. temporal
    relating to time
  199. aboveboard
    without dishonesty or concealment
  200. ad infinitum
    lasting forever; continuously
  201. rouse
    to wake or provoke
  202. piquant
    agreeably pungent or sharp in taste; tart ; agreeably stimulated or interesting
  203. endow
    to provide with material goods, talents, or qualities
  204. xenophobia
    fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners
  205. fathom
    to understand or comprehend;to determine the depth of
  206. couch
    to phrase in a particular way
  207. banal
    dull or stale; commonplace
  208. superlative
    excellent; of the highest quality
  209. skirmish
    a minor conflict
  210. lassitude
    a feeling of weakness
  211. deranged
    mentally disturbed
  212. draconian
    extremely harsh and severe
  213. svelte
    slender and graceful in outline
  214. resilient
    able to recover quickly
  215. crux
    an essential or pivotal point; a perplexing difficulty
  216. dapper
    neatly dressed; trim; stylish
  217. apprehension
    worry or unease
  218. tender
    • to offer formally
    • a legal offer; something, esp. money, offered in payment
  219. gradient
    a ramp or slope
  220. vantage
    a position that gives a wide view
  221. waggish
    mischievous; playful
  222. reminisce
    to recall the past, esp. fondly
  223. recluse
    one who hides from the world
  224. knoll
    a small rounded hill
  225. canard
    a false report
  226. quip
    a remark or reply that is witty or sarcastic
  227. unkempt
  228. cadaver
    a dead body, esp. a human body to be dissected
  229. shade
    a small variation, a nuance, a small amout
  230. warren
    an enclosed space in which rabbits breed or are numerous; any place that is crowded like a rabbit warren
  231. precede
    to go before
  232. coalesce
    to grow together; to marge into a single body
  233. furrow
    a trench in the earth made by a plow, a wrinkle
  234. recede
    to go back; to withdraw
  235. flower
    to reach the best or most vigorous stage
  236. lore
    knowledge about a particular subject, esp. of a traditional or popular nature
  237. recur
    to repeat; to occur again
  238. groteque
    strangely or absurdly distorted
  239. flail
    to strike about, to hit wildly
  240. repose
    relaxation; a state of rest
  241. sullen
    showing silent anger and unwillingness to be pleasant to people
  242. consul
    official residing in a foreign country
  243. baffle
    to frustrate, as by confusing
  244. candor
    frankness or sincerity of expression
  245. slovenly
    careless about one's own appearance
  246. affluence
  247. fluctuate
    to move back and forth or up and down, esp. unpredictable
  248. voluble
  249. quixotic
    foolishly idealistic; extravagantly chivalrous; impulsive or capricious
  250. remonstrate
    to make objections
  251. tangible
    able to be touched or treated as real
  252. embroil
    to engage in trouble; to complicate
  253. homely
    unattractive, plain looking
  254. stamina
    resistance to fatigue or hardship; endurance
  255. primp
    to dress or groom with careful attention to detail
  256. posterity
    future generations
  257. kindling
    dry sticks of wood used to start a fire
  258. rift
    a break in friendly relations
  259. rancid
    spoiled or rotten (esp. oils or fats)
  260. shard
    a fragment of a brittle substance, e.g, glass or pottery
  261. sarcasm
    harsh, often ironic ridicule , intended to hurt
  262. deluge
    a great flood
  263. extortion
    taking (property or money) by force or threat of force
  264. comely
    attractive or pleasing in appearance; pretty; handsome
  265. vogue
    prevailing fashion
  266. obsequious
    showing too great a willingness to serve or obey
  267. scion
    an heir; a descendant
  268. bowdlerize
    to censor, esp. prudishly
  269. defer
    to delay; to put off
  270. become
    to be approporiate or suitable to; to look good with
  271. milestone
    an important event
  272. fleet
    moving swiftly
  273. buoy
    to keep afloat; to raise the spirits of
  274. euphony
    pleasing sound, esp. of words
  275. hierarchy
    a ranking according to status or ability; a group with authority
  276. scintillate
    to give off sparks; to be animated or brilliant
  277. anonymous
    having an unknown or unacknowledged name
  278. lineaments
    any of the features of the body, usually the face
  279. dilute
    to lessen the concentration, force or purity of by adding something
  280. zeal
    intense passion or enthusiasm
  281. blanket
    applying to all conditions or instances
  282. deviate
    to depart from the norm
  283. dynasty
    a succession of rulers or people in power from the same family
  284. detriment
    injury or damage
  285. gauge
    an instrument for measuring or testing
  286. wreak
    to inflict; to cause (something bad)
  287. maverick
    one who rebels; a nonformist; and individualist
  288. protean
    easily taking on different forms
  289. lenient
    inclined not to be strict
  290. éclat
    great brilliance, as of performance or achievement; conspicuous success
  291. ravine
    a deep, narrow gorge, esp. one worn down with running water
  292. malinger
    to act sick in order to avoid work
  293. chauvinism
    unreasoning and boastful devotion to one's country or sex
  294. placid
    calm, undisturbed
  295. voracious
    devouring; extremely hungry
  296. skulk
    to lurk; to move secretively
  297. malaise
    a vague feeling of physical discomfort or uneasiness
  298. lineage
    direct descent from an ancestor; derivation
  299. diverge
    to depart from a set course or opinion
  300. clamber
    to crawl or climb with difficulty, esp. on all fours
  301. bulwark
    a wall or embankment used for a defensive fortification
  302. acme
    the highest point; as of perfection
  303. ostracize
    to shun
  304. waif
    a homeless person; especially a child or orphan; someone who is thin and gaunt, especially a girl
  305. skittish
    nervous; easily frightened
  306. filament
    a fine wire or thread
  307. perpetuity
    a state of infinite or indefinitely long duration
  308. palpable
    capable of being handled, touched or felt; easily perceived
  309. demure
    coy; modest; reserved
  310. elucidate
    to make something clear; to clarify
  311. claustrophobia
    a fear of confined spaces
  312. mien
    bearing or manner, esp. as revealing one's inner state of mind
  313. discard
    to throw out
  314. bedlam
    any place or condition of noise and confusion
  315. chary
    very cautious
  316. mélange
    a mixture; a hodgepodge
  317. improvise
    to do without perparation
  318. indulgent
    lenient; giving to the desires of others
  319. premonition
    a sense of a future event; a warning in advance
  320. occult
    relatng to the supernatural; beyond human comprehension; mysterious
  321. queasy
    sick to one's stomach; nauseated
  322. mortal
    subject to death; causing death
  323. insidious
    subtly harmful; stealthy; sneaky
  324. beleaguered
    harassed; besieged
  325. elysian
    heavenly or delightful
  326. gist
    the main objective or point
  327. loquacious
    very talkative
  328. procrastinate
    to delay
  329. impervious
    completely resistant to penetration; unaffected
  330. fidelity
    strict faithfulness to vows or promises; exact correspondence with fact
  331. aptitude
    an inherent capacity for learning, understanding or performing
  332. parochial
    restricted; limited; narrow; local
  333. acclaim
    to praise enthusiastically, esp. publically
  334. incessant
    never pausing; continuing without a stop
  335. intrinsic
    relating to the essential nature of a something
  336. recumbent
    lying down in a position of comfort
  337. ramification
    a development or consequence resulting from a course of action
  338. gauche
    socially awkward
  339. adept
    very skilled, esp. natural talent improved by practice
  340. windfall
    unexpected good fortune
  341. curtail
    to cut short, abbreviate
  342. balk
    to stop short and refuse to continue
  343. reciprocate
    to give something in return
  344. facilitate
    to make easier
  345. pedagogy
    the art or profession of teaching
  346. pristine
    remaining in a pure state
  347. arduous
    difficult; laborious
  348. innate
    possessed at birth; inborn
  349. pique
    to arouse (interest, curiosity, etc.); to irritate
  350. rote
    mechanical memorization, often without full understanding
  351. exacerbate
    to make more violent, bitter or severe
  352. rue
    to regret
  353. esteem
    high regard; respect
  354. foster
    to bring up or nurture
  355. aesthetic
    relating to beauty
  356. specious
    seeming to be truthful on the surface, but actually false
  357. progenitor
    a direct ancestor
  358. audacious
    fearlessly, often recklessly bold; insolent
  359. fluster
    to make nervous or upset
  360. warrant
    to justify or deserve
  361. supersede
    to replace
  362. desiccate
    to dry completely
  363. cliché
    an overused expression
  364. reticence
    the quality or state of being silent or uncommunicative
  365. imbue
    to inspire; to permeate; to fill with a mood or tone
  366. propitious
    presenting favorable circumstances
  367. proficient
    very skillful, esp. through training
  368. coddle
    to treat indulgently
  369. itinerant
    traveling from place to place, esp. for work
  370. affliction
    pain; suffering; anything causing pain
  371. vagary
    an erratic notion or action
  372. précis
    a concise summary of a text
  373. enormity
    great wickedness; an evil act
  374. discriminate
    to make a clear distinction
  375. compass
    area; range; scope
  376. eclectic
    compound of materials from various sources
  377. prerogative
    an exclusive right or privilege, esp. one that is the result of heredity or official position
  378. incur
    to acquire or sustain something undesirable
  379. exigent
    requiring immediate action
  380. entail
    to have as a necessary result
  381. nebulous
    unclear; vague
  382. recount
    to tell in detail
  383. commiserate
    to express sympathy
  384. intrepid
    bold; fearless
  385. hermetic
    completely sealed, esp. from entry or escape of air
  386. erudite
  387. generic
    without a trademark; general
  388. aspiration
    a strong desire for achievement
  389. adulation
    excessive flattery or admiration
  390. efficacy
    the power to produce the desired effect
  391. temerity
    excessive boldness or rashness
  392. imperative
    urgently necessary; imossible to deter or evade
  393. bromide
    commonplace remark intended to calm; platitude
  394. empirical
    based on experience rather than a theory
  395. relegate
    to assign to an obscure place or condition
  396. envelop
    to enclose or surround
  397. argot
    specialized vocabulary unique to a particular group
  398. approbation
    official approval
  399. facetious
    playfully humorous
  400. superfluous
    unncessary; extra
  401. scrutiny
    close examination; minute inspection; a careful watch
  402. elude
    to escape from, as by daring or skill; to escape the understanding of
  403. nuance
    variation of meaning; subtlety
  404. cosmopolitan
    having worldwide scope; so sophiscated as to be at home in all parts of the world
  405. avocation
  406. degenerate
    to decline to an inferior state, often in mental or moral quality
  407. germane
    fitting and appropriate
  408. mnemonic
    pertaining to or assisting the memory
  409. breach
    some sort of violation; a gap
  410. adage
    a familiar saying; a proverb
  411. nadir
    the lowest point; the bottom
  412. denouement
    conclusion; resolution; the falling action of a story after its climax
  413. heterogenous
    not similar; very different; mixed together
  414. eclipse
    to overshadow
  415. rococo
    elaborate or overdone
  416. distend
    to stretch out; to expand
  417. astute
    showing clever awareness, esp. with respect to one's own concern
  418. kindred
    related or similar in origin or nature
  419. neophyte
    a beginner; and immature person who is learning
  420. sublime
    of high spiritual or moral worth
  421. tepid
    moderately warm; lacking force or enthusiasm
  422. equivocal
    capable of multiple interpretations; unclear
  423. versatile
    competent in many things
  424. procure
    to obtain or acquire
  425. paradox
    a statement or situation that appears contradictory
  426. heed
    to pay attention to
  427. relish
    to enjoy
  428. forebear
    a person from whom one is descended; an ancestor (usually plural)
  429. hegemony
    strong influence; domination
  430. onus
    an pleasant task or duty; a burden or obligation
  431. affinity
    a natural attraction or feeling of kinship; an inherent similarity
  432. mundane
    typical of this world; commonplace
  433. atrophy
    a wasting away, esp. of body tissue
  434. duplicity
    deception; deceitfulness; double-dealing
  435. verismilitude
    resemblance to the truth
  436. proliferate
    to grow or reproduce rapidly
  437. shibboleth
    a custom or phrase distinctive of a particular group; class, etc.
  438. congenital
    present since birth; being an essential characteristic
  439. ensemble
    a group, esp. of performers, working as a unified whole
  440. cajole
    to attempt to persuade with flattery or insincere talk
  441. facile
    with effortless ease; without proper care; superficial
  442. phenomenon
    an occurence that can be perceived by the senses; a remarkable person or event
  443. civil
    observing accepted social customs; not rude
  444. accede
    to agree to something
  445. periphery
    a boundary line; perimeter; an outside surface
  446. wane
    to decrease; to lessen
  447. capacious
    able to contain or hold much
  448. ambivalence
    simultaneous existance of opposing feelings; uncertainty as to what to do
  449. aloof
    distant or removed in attitude or manner
  450. caveat
    a warning
  451. stanch
    to stop the flow of something
  452. embryonic
    not yet developed; st an early stage
  453. giddy
    dizzy; lightheaded
  454. depict
    to represent; to portray
  455. finesse
    subtle skill in performance or in handling a situation
  456. duel
    a prearranged combat between two people
  457. fractious
    disruptive or irritable
  458. conjecture
    an inference or conclusion based on incomplete evidance
  459. interloper
    one who interferes with the affairs of others; a meddler
  460. brooch
    a large, decorative pin
  461. foment
    to stir up negative feelings, esp. those that lead to violent action
  462. morbid
    gruesome; awful
  463. complacent
    too pleased with oneself; self-satisfied
  464. abrade
    to wear down a surface by or as if by scraping
  465. hallucination
    a false perception of reality; a delusion
  466. heinous
    extremely wicked; abominable
  467. adorn
    to add beauty; to decorate
  468. yelp
    a sharp cry expressing pain
  469. skeptical
    tending to question or doubt
  470. stimulate
    to rouse or excite to action or increased action; to spur on
  471. stoic
    apparently indifferent to joy, grief, pleasure, or pain
  472. cadre
    a core group of trained, highly skilled people capable of training others
  473. plethora
    an abundance or excess of something
  474. dismantle
    ro take apart
  475. exasperate
    to make very important
  476. zeitgeist
    the trend or spirit of the times
  477. forfeit
    to surrender or be forced to surrender
  478. hallmark
    any mark or symbol of genuineness or high quality
  479. amplify
    to make larger
  480. freelance
    without long-term commitment to any employer
  481. florid
    flushed with rosy color; overdecorated
  482. tantalize
    to torment or tease by showing something desirable while keeping it out of reach
  483. elicit
    to draw out; to invoke
  484. induce
    to influence, esp. by persuasion; to bring about
  485. exuberant
    lively, happy, and full of good spirits
  486. ascribe
    to attribute to a specific source
  487. derelict
    deserted, abandoned (of a building); neglectful of a duty (of a person)
  488. cue
    a hint
  489. goad
    to prod or urge, as if with a pointed stick
  490. antediluvian
    very old; outdated
  491. incumbent
    necessary or obligatory
  492. proscribe
    to prohibit or forbid; to denounce
  493. carte blanche
    unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion
  494. subjective
    based on personal experience or feeling, not on external evidance
  495. purport
    to claim , esp. falsely
  496. maim
    to cripple; to mutilate; to disable
  497. nocturnal
    occurring at night
  498. contemporary
    of the same time or period
  499. mediocre
    ordinary to inferior in quality; not standing out from the average
  500. encroach
    to infringe; to intrude; to trespass
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