Elite SAT Vocab 451 - 500

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  1. stanch
    to stop the flow of something
  2. embryonic
    not yet developed; st an early stage
  3. giddy
    dizzy; lightheaded
  4. depict
    to represent; to portray
  5. finesse
    subtle skill in performance or in handling a situation
  6. duel
    a prearranged combat between two people
  7. fractious
    disruptive or irritable
  8. conjecture
    an inference or conclusion based on incomplete evidance
  9. interloper
    one who interferes with the affairs of others; a meddler
  10. brooch
    a large, decorative pin
  11. foment
    to stir up negative feelings, esp. those that lead to violent action
  12. morbid
    gruesome; awful
  13. complacent
    too pleased with oneself; self-satisfied
  14. abrade
    to wear down a surface by or as if by scraping
  15. hallucination
    a false perception of reality; a delusion
  16. heinous
    extremely wicked; abominable
  17. adorn
    to add beauty; to decorate
  18. yelp
    a sharp cry expressing pain
  19. skeptical
    tending to question or doubt
  20. stimulate
    to rouse or excite to action or increased action; to spur on
  21. stoic
    apparently indifferent to joy, grief, pleasure, or pain
  22. cadre
    a core group of trained, highly skilled people capable of training others
  23. plethora
    an abundance or excess of something
  24. dismantle
    ro take apart
  25. exasperate
    to make very important
  26. zeitgeist
    the trend or spirit of the times
  27. forfeit
    to surrender or be forced to surrender
  28. hallmark
    any mark or symbol of genuineness or high quality
  29. amplify
    to make larger
  30. freelance
    without long-term commitment to any employer
  31. florid
    flushed with rosy color; overdecorated
  32. tantalize
    to torment or tease by showing something desirable while keeping it out of reach
  33. elicit
    to draw out; to invoke
  34. induce
    to influence, esp. by persuasion; to bring about
  35. exuberant
    lively, happy, and full of good spirits
  36. ascribe
    to attribute to a specific source
  37. derelict
    deserted, abandoned (of a building); neglectful of a duty (of a person)
  38. cue
    a hint
  39. goad
    to prod or urge, as if with a pointed stick
  40. antediluvian
    very old; outdated
  41. incumbent
    necessary or obligatory
  42. proscribe
    to prohibit or forbid; to denounce
  43. carte blanche
    unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion
  44. subjective
    based on personal experience or feeling, not on external evidance
  45. purport
    to claim , esp. falsely
  46. maim
    to cripple; to mutilate; to disable
  47. nocturnal
    occurring at night
  48. contemporary
    of the same time or period
  49. mediocre
    ordinary to inferior in quality; not standing out from the average
  50. encroach
    to infringe; to intrude; to trespass
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