Elite SAT Vocab 551 - 600

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  1. contract
    to reduce in size by drawing together
  2. retire
    to retreat, as from battle
  3. dowdy
    lacking in neatneess or style; shabby
  4. genealogy
    the science or study of family descent
  5. manumit
    to grant freedom to slaves; to emancipate
  6. lopsided
    larger or shaped differently on one side than on another
  7. precipitate
    moving rapidly and without caution
  8. duress
    strain or hardship, often illegally applied
  9. arable
    suitable for growing crops (of land)
  10. alacrity
    cheerful willingness; switfness
  11. sensuous
    appealing to the senses; esp. those involved in appreciating beauty
  12. cavort
    to leap about in a lively manner; to have lively or boisterous fun
  13. diffident
    lacking self-confidence; timid; shy
  14. maelstrom
    a violently confused state; a very large whirlpool
  15. retract
    to take back; to pull back
  16. mean
    lowly, insignificant, petty
  17. belated
    delayed; postponed; detained
  18. crestfallen
    feeling disappointment; feeling shame or humiliation
  19. vindicate
    to clear of blame with supporting arguments or proof
  20. taut
    tense; very tight
  21. subordinate
    occupying a lower position
  22. parody
    a humorous and ridiculous imitation
  23. accrue
    to come as a gain; to increase
  24. endemic
    native to a particular country
  25. credit
    to believe; to trust
  26. palatable
    pleasant or acceptable to the taste
  27. extract
    to remove, esp. with effort
  28. pathetic
    arousing pity; arousing scornful pity
  29. vie
    to compete
  30. olfactory
    relating to the sense of smell
  31. trauma
    serious physical or emotional injury
  32. adulterate
    to make impure
  33. ocular
    relating to the eye or sense of sight
  34. alchemy
    medieval chemistry, esp. the attempt to change common metals into gold
  35. commensurate
    equal in proportion; having the same size, duration, etc.
  36. dredge
    to clean, deepen, or widen a waterway; to come up with or unearth
  37. anecdote
    a brief story, often humorous
  38. fervid
    extremely emotional; passionate
  39. disparate
    entirely unlike
  40. hyperbole
  41. forthright
    direct and without evasion; honest
  42. temperate
    consistent; moderate; without extremes
  43. attract
    to pull towards; to stimulate interest
  44. schism
    a division; a split; a break
  45. ubiquitous
    present everywhere
  46. deride
    to ridicule
  47. collage
    an assembly of diverse elements
  48. bourgeoisis
    the middle class
  49. husband
    to use sparingly; to converse
  50. frugal
    careful in spending money or resource
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