Business Exam: Chapter 3

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  1. Social change and its impact on business
    Social trend
  2. The responsibility of a business to its stakeholders
    Social responsibility
  3. A set of moral standards for judging whether something is wrong or not
  4. The fundamental belief in Canada that all citizens are equal regardless of ethical background or upbringing
  5. Any person or organization with a vested interest or to who the company has a responsibility
  6. The 4 Business Stakeholders
    • Investors
    • Customers
    • Employees
    • Suppliers
  7. The greatest good for the greatest number of people
  8. Stages of Ethical Development
    • Preconventional
    • Conventional
    • Post conventional
  9. Ethical Responsibilities of Business Leaders
    • lead by example
    • offer ethics training programs
    • establish a formal code of ethics
  10. A stage in the ethical development of individuals in which people behave in a childlike manner and make ethical decisions in a calculating, self-centred, selfish way, based on the possibility of immediate punishment or reward
    Preconventional ethics
  11. The second stage in the ethical development of individuals in which people are move from an egocentric viewpoint to consider the expectations of an organization or society
    Conventional ethics
  12. The third stage in the ethical development of an individual in which people adhere to the ethical standards where they are less concerned about how other view their behaviour than about how they will judge themselves
    Postconventional ethics
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