Business Exam: Chapter 4

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  1. Equipment and techniques used to manage and process information
    Information Technology
  2. Discipline that involves the management of people, process and technology around information
    Management Information System
  3. Combination of technology, people and process that an organization uses to produce and manage information
    Information System
  4. Using technology for business
  5. Executive responsible for managing all information resources and processes
    Chief Information Officer
  6. Develops or uses knowledge, contributing to and benefitting from information used in performing various tasks.
    Knowledge worker
  7. Electronic filing system that collects and organizes data and information
  8. Combines many databases across the company into one central database
    Data warehouse
  9. Subset of data warehouses that deals with a single area of data for quick analyses
    data mart
  10. Helps managers make decisions using interactive computer models that describe real world process
    Decision support system
  11. Uses IT tool to improve communications throughout the organization
    Office automaton
  12. Customized internal website that provides propriety corporate information
    Enterprise Portal
  13. Private corporate networks connected over a public network
    Virtual private network
  14. Researching, gathering, and sharing an organizing, and sharing an organization's collective knowledge to improve productivity, foster innovation and gain competitive advantage
    Knowledge Management
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