Chapter 2 Cross Cultural Variation in Consumer behavior M405

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  1. culture
    is the complex whole that includes knowledge,belief,art,law,moral,customs, and other capabilities and habits acquired by humans as members of society
  2. culture is acquired
    different families have different beifies. you learn thing
  3. culture provides boundaries (norms and sanctions)
    • norms- boundaries that culture sets on behaviors
    • sanctions- penalties ranging from mild social disapproval to banishment from the group
  4. variations in cultural values 43
    • other oriented values- individual/collective, youth/age,masculine/feminine (relationship between individuals and groups within society)
    • Environmental-Oriented Values- Cleanliness, performance/Status (relationship to its economic and technical as well as it physical environment)
    • Self-Oriented Values- Acitve/Passive, Sensual/Abstinence,Material/No material (that individuals members of society find desirable)
  5. cultural variations in nonverbal communications
    • Time- Americans think time is fixed (momochronic ) Asians see it as less descrete (polychronic)
    • Space- personal spaceĀ 
    • Symbols- colors, shapes , animals
    • relationships- (guanxi)
    • agreements-
    • things-
    • etiquette-
  6. Guanxi
    • Chinese relationship are complex and described under guanxi
    • guanxi- translated as personal conncection/relationship on which an individual can draw to secure resources or advantages when doing buisness as well as in the course of life.
    • ongoing score card, the favors you owe, you still owe if you go to new job or die
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