Elite SAT Vocab 601 - 650

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  1. excruciating
    severely painful
  2. lionize
    to look upon or threat as a celebrity
  3. venue
    the location where something takes place, esp. trial
  4. groggy
    confused, sluggish, or dizzy, as from lack of sleep or drunkenness
  5. capitulate
    to surrender under specific conditions; to give up all resistance
  6. malady
    a disease, illness, sickness
  7. blandishment
    a flattering act or remark; allurement; enticement
  8. salient
    important, prominent, most noticeable
  9. exemplary
    worthy to serve as a model
  10. just
    honorable and fair; consistent with what is right
  11. salutary
    benefical; favorable to health
  12. insensible
    not able to feel or perceive; unresponsible
  13. anachronism
    something not belonging to certain time period
  14. proletariat
    the working class
  15. paucity
    smallness of number; scarcity
  16. distraction
    mental distress; that which amuses or entertains
  17. tract
    an area of land or water; a brief written work, usually on a religious or politic topic
  18. foible
    a minor weakness of character
  19. colloquial
    appropriate to spoken, as opposed to written, language; informal
  20. obstinate
    unreasonably stubborn
  21. affected
    behaving in an artificial way to impress people
  22. collateral
    parallel; serving to support; of a secondary nature
  23. weather
    to survive
  24. vocation
    a regular occupation, esp. one of which a person is particularly suited
  25. lament
    to grieve, to regret deeply
  26. incipient
    beginning to appear or be noticed
  27. ewe
    a female sheep, esp. when full grown
  28. disciple
    a follower of another who helps spread teachings
  29. macabre
    suggesting the horror of death
  30. circumspect
    showing discretion and careful judgment
  31. desideratum
    something needed and wanted
  32. exorbitant
  33. lucid
    easily understood, clear
  34. gambit
    a calculated, risky opening move
  35. impertinent
  36. subsequent
    hapeening afterward; following in order
  37. bungle
    to handle badly; to botch or mess up
  38. cite
    to refer to or quote
  39. pugilist
    a boxer
  40. crass
    dull-witted, unrefined
  41. captious
    tending to notice and point out trivvial mistakes or faults; intended to trap or confuse
  42. deem
    to have as an opinion; to consider
  43. disabuse
    to free from error of flasehood
  44. reverberate
    to re-echo
  45. conception
    formation of an idea in the mind; start of pregnancy
  46. unseemly
    not decent or proper
  47. eddy
    a current, as of water or air, moving contrary to the direction of the main current, esp. in a circular motion
  48. oracle
    a person thought to be a source of wisdom or prophecy
  49. shambles
    utter disorder
  50. stationary
    not moving
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