Business Exam: Chapter 10

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  1. The degree to which tasks are established into smaller jobs
  2. 5 Departmentalization
    • Functional
    • Product
    • Process
    • Customer
    • Geographic
  3. Department based on the primary functions performed
    Functional Departmentalization
  4. Department based on the goods/services produced or sold
    Product Departmentalization
  5. Department based on the production process used
    Process Department
  6. Based on the primary type of customer
    Customer Department
  7. Based on the location
    Geographic Department
  8. The number of employees a manager directly supervises
    Span of Control
  9. 2 Kinds of Span of Control
    • Wide Span of Control
    • Narrow Span of Control
  10. Advantages of Narrow Span of Control
    • High degree of control
    • fewer people to manage
    • close supervision and immediate feedback
  11. Disadvantage of Narrow Span of Control
    • Isolation of Top Management
    • more levels of management therefore more expensive
    • slower decision making because of vertical layer
  12. Advantage of Wide Span of Control
    • Fewer levels of management means increased efficiency and decreased cost
    • increased worker autonomy leads to quicker decision making 
    • greater organization flexibility 
    • higher level job satisfaction because of employee empowerment
  13. Disadvantage of Wide Span Control
    • less control
    • lack of coordination
    • possible lack of familiarity because of the number of employees
    • Managers spread to thin that they can't provide support and leadership
  14. Formal authority is concentrated in one area
  15. Process of pushing decision-making authority down the hierarchy
  16. Common Organizational Structure
    • line
    • line and staff 
    • matrix
    • committee
  17. Positions directly concerned with producing products and directly concerned from top to bottom
  18. Positions that provide administrative and supportive services to the line positions
    Line and staff
  19. Authority and responsibility are held by a group rather than an individual
  20. Combines functional and product departmentalization by bringing together people from different functional area of the organization to work on a special project
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