Elite SAT Vocab 651 - 700

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  1. sloth
  2. smirk
    to smile in a self-satisfied or artificial way
  3. medley
    a mixture; an arrangement of songs performed together
  4. ritual
    a ceremonial act; a customary procedure
  5. savant
    a well-educated person; a scholar
  6. sybarite
    one devoted to luxury
  7. oaf
    a stupid, clumsy person
  8. morose
    sour tempered and inclined to be silent
  9. phase
    a stage in a process of change or development
  10. ornate
    highly, often excessively decorated
  11. benevolent
    characterized by doing good
  12. genre
    a kind, or type
  13. fodder
    feed for livestock; a resource
  14. didactic
    intended to teach; inclined to teach excessively
  15. soliloquy
    a dramatic speech delivered by a character to himself or herself
  16. confound
    to mix up or lump together; to confuse
  17. liable
    legally obligated; likely (with reference to an unfavorable outcome)
  18. glean
    to gather bit by bit
  19. plebeian
  20. painstaking
    very thorough; careful
  21. cavalier
    casual, disdainful
  22. inculcate
    to teach or impress by frequent repetition; to instill
  23. courteous
    polite and gracious; considerate toward others; well-mannered
  24. domineer
    to rule over arbitrarily or tyrannically
  25. squalid
    having a dirty or lowly appearance
  26. inveterate
    established for a long time; habitual
  27. incarcerate
    to restrict by imprisonment; to keep in prison
  28. conflagration
    large, disastrous fire
  29. assail
    to attack; to assault
  30. altruistic
    unselfish; benevolent; caring more for others than oneself
  31. copious
    very plentiful
  32. compel
    to cause to occur by pressure
  33. laconic
    brief in speech; using few words
  34. destitution
    the lack of any means of subsistence
  35. hoax
    an act meant to trick or fool
  36. emancipate
    to give freedom; to set loose
  37. dirge
    slow, sad music, esp. a funeral hymn
  38. emaciated
    made thin unnaturally; abnormally thin due to starvation
  39. incredulous
    disbelieving; skeptical
  40. hovel
    a small, miserable dwelling
  41. obstreperous
    noisily and stubbornly defiant
  42. dour
    stern and humorless; silently ill-humored
  43. digest
    a collection of previously published material, usually in condensed form
  44. emanate
    to send forth; to come forth
  45. fauna
    animals as a group, esp. of a specified region or time
  46. ado
    trouble; fuss
  47. defile
    to corrupt; to desecrate or sully
  48. inception
    commencement; beginning ; origin
  49. mogul
    a rich or powerful person
  50. immaculate
    perfectly clean
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