chapter 3 changing American society/ values m405

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  1. green marketing
    • marketers have responded to Americans increasing concern for environment with an green marketing
    • 1. developing products whose production, use or disposal is less harmful to the environment than other product
    • 2. developing products that have a positive impact on the environment
    • 3 tying the purchase of a product to an environmental organization or event
  2. green washing
    whereby a firm promotes environmental benefits that are unsubstantiated and on which they don't deliver
  3. cause related marketing CRM
    is marketing that ties a company and its products to an issue or cause with the goal of improving sales or corporate image while providing benefits to the cause.
  4. Marketing to gay and lesbian consumers
    • 82 % of gay consumer are more likely to buy from companies that are gay friendly
    • human rights campaign foundations helps provided information
  5. social marketing
    is marketing done to enhance the welfare of individuals or society without direct benefit to a firm
  6. gender based marketing
    things have stayed the same and how things have changed over time chart 96
  7. Changes in American cultural values
    • Self-Oriented values- traditionally americans have been active, materlistic, hardworking,religious people after war 2, in the 70 & 80s American increased leisure, immediate gratification.
    • religious/Secular- america is a secular society. (no control over education, government, political) 82% claim religious affiliation
    • Sensual- traditional we believe in abstinence, but as we become more secular, sensual gratification become more acceptable. 
    • Postponed/Immediate Gratification- americans seem unwilling to delay pleasures, we over spend.
    • Material/Nomaterial- strong material orientation
    • Hardwork/Leisure- strong tradition in hard work, we lead much of the world in hours worked, slight sift tho recently
    • Active/Passive- we have a active approach to life.
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