chapter 4 changing American society e405

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  1. Demographics
    • describe a population in terms of its size, distribution, and structure
    • demographics influence consumption behavior both directly and by affecting other attributes.
  2. variables of demographics
    • population size- is it growing or decreasing
    • Occupation-  most widely applided single cue we use to initially evaluate and define individuals we meet
    • education-
    • Income-
    • Age-
  3. understand generations
    • baby boomers- 1951 to 1969, you break this group down physical heath and mental outlook.
    • generation x- 1965 to 1976
    • generation y - 1977 to 1994
    • generation z - 1995 to 2009
  4. age cohort and generation
    is a group of persons who have experienced a common social, political , historical, and economic environment
  5. social stratification and structure
    Upper Americans-
  6. Baby boomer stereotypes (boomers are largest generational segment in America but also one of the most diverse)
    • boomers are self-centered- "me generation" was created for baby boomers, however many boomer are much more socially and environmentally conscious than label suggest.
    • boomers are not tech savvy- more than 80% are online.
    • boomer are married empty nesters- only 25% of boomer are empty nesters.
    • Boomer all retiring early and wealthy- over half the boomer plan to work beyond retirement age
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