Reading 009: Chapter 1, 2, 5 Vocab

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  1. Active process of identifying important ideas and comparing, evaluating and applying them
  2. Substitutes for words; body movements that rather specific verbal translations
  3. Accompanies and literally illustrates verbal messages
  4. Movements of the face that convey emotional meaning
    Affect Displays
  5. Monitors, maintains, or controls the speaking of another individual
  6. Satisfies some need and usually occurs without conscious awareness; unintentional movements that go unnoticed
  7. Satisfy a physical need; generally serving to make you more comfortable
    Self Adaptors
  8. Body movements that you make in response to your current interactions
    Alter Adaptors
  9. Movements that involve your manipulation of some object
    Object Adaptors
  10. Familiarizing yourself with the content before you read it
  11. Reviewing new information as soon as possible after you hear or read it
    Immediate Review
  12. Returning to and quickly reviewing previously learned material on a regular basis
    Periodic Review
  13. Making a last check of material before a test or exam
    Final Review
  14. Restating an idea in your own words in the exact order that the writer used in their paragraph
  15. Restating the main ideas of a passage in your own words
  16. ex: Phobias such as fear of heights, water, snakes, or confined spaces, can make it difficult for people to function
    Example Clues
  17. ex: Corona refers to the outermost part of the sun's atmosphere
    Definition Clues
  18. ex: Equity, a catch-all term for the general principles of fairness, is used in law when existing laws do not apply
    Definition Clues (Use of the Comma)
  19. ex: Lithium (an alkali metal) is so soft it can be cut with a knife.
    Definition Clues (Use of Parentheses)
  20. ex: Ancient Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics - pictures used to represent words
    Definition Clues (Use of Dash)
  21. ex: Toxic materials used, such as arsenic, pesticides, and lead can cause bodily damage
    Example Clues
  22. ex: One of the dinner guests succumbed to the temptation to have a second slice of pie, but others resisted
    Contrast Clues (Opposite words)
  23. ex: Bob is quite versatile, he is a good student, a top athlete, and a gourmet cook
    Logic of Passage Clues
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